Will call but don’t call

I had just finished writing the post on “Do no call Registry” when this incident happened. I am trying to get a payment gateway for my website so I had called IndiaMart to set up a meeting with their sales people as they provide payment gateway. I talked to Mahesh who told me that he has passed on a message to the salesperson and that he will call today. But nobody called. I reminded Mahesh a number of times and everytime he told me that the person will call. But nobody called. Today morning I again spoke to Mahesh and this is how the conversation went.

Mahesh told me that he has forwarded the information to the sales people. I informed him that I was only concerned will the end result, that is, when the person will eother call or meet me as I cannot keep waiting for the salesman call indefinitely. Mahesh said that he is not the sort of person who will visit me (implying that maybe he is a senior executive) and also that he cannot give a time frame. Then he told me that the salesperson is very busy as he has a number of meetings lined up. I told him that in such a case it becomes all the more important for me to know tentative time by which he will call or meet me so that I can decide if I would like to wait or make some other arrangement. Finally, he said that he will have the salesperson call today. Also, you will be surprised to note that he was reluctant to give his salesperson’s number. It seems that a salesperson’s time is more important than that of the customer.

I am still not sure whether he will call or not. Usually it happens that all the salespeople will keep calling you asking for business but when you call, invariably one does not get the response one expects. IndiaMart keeps sending me mails and has even called me a number of times to sell their services to me but when I have called to buy the salesman has suddenly become busy.

Similarly, I responded to an advertisement of ICICI bank for a home loan. They took my contact information but nobody has called till date. In fact, I even followed up but nothing happened. On the other hand not a day passes by when I do not get an unsolicited call from ICICI bank.

Needless to say, I am a little dissatisfied with IndiaMart’s response.

Is this only happening to me or some of you out there have also had similar experiences.

Avinash Narula

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