Why do reputed companies behave in an unethical manner?

The Bangalore city corporation has issued a public notice warning against investing in DLF’s proposed complex named Westend Heights in Bangalore because DLF has not obtained approvals like environmental clearance, power, water and sanitation approvals for the project. DLF has, however invited bookings for the project and has released advertisements for the same.

DLF on the other hand says that it is in the process of getting approvals and the construction will only start after getting all the necessary approvals. They have also stated that they have kept the customers informed of the status of approvals.

I feel that DLF is wrong in taking booking for flats when the project is still not approved. There is no need for DLF to announce the project and take money from customers before majority of the approvals have been granted. A number of things can happen. The fact that they have informed customers of the status of approval is not reason enough for them to take money from the customers. Customers at times do not pay attention to the various legal issue involved. Also, where is the rush to take the money.

Builders were doing this in Haryana also and the local government was against such practice.

DLF should stop adopting such unethical practices. I just don’t understand why supposedly reputed companies like DLF adopt such practices.

Avinash Narula

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