Why do airlines need government intervention to tell the truth

I have been unable to understand why airlines do not like telling its prospective customers the total price inclusive of all charges as well as the break-up. Why don’t they disclose the total amount the customer has to pay? What will they gain by hiding the correct amount or the break-up details that the customer has to pay?

As far as I am concerned, there are only disadvantages of not telling the customer the final price inclusive of all charges and there are no benefits. Some of the disadvantages are:

(a) High level of customer dissatisfaction.
(b) Negative image and loss of trust as the customer thinks that the airline is try to cheat them.
(c) More queries relating to the prices leading to higher cost of handling such queries.

All the above would ultimate lead to loss of sales. I am surprised that very educated and intelligent executives think it is better not to disclose the total final price to the customer and its break-up in a transparent manner and need a government directive to tell them to do so. The government has issued a directive to all airlines to provide the passenger a complete break-up of the surcharges that a passenger needs to pay in addition to the basic fare.

avinash narula

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