This is how Vijay Mallaya wants to serve the country

I was watching Vijay Mallya being interviewed by Vir Sanghvi on his show, the Tycoon. Vir Sanghvi asked Vijay Mallya as to why did he join politics. Pat came the reply, “I want to serve my country.”

Lets see if Vijay Mallya walks his talk. I just read that he owes Rs. 314 crores to a PSU Bharat Petroleum Corporation (BPCL) for the aviation fuel that its company had bought from BPCL. Now BRCL is a government company in which the money of the people of this country is invested. Vijay Mallya is using public money to run his business. He has not even offered to pay BPCL the principal amount let alone interest. What a way to serve the country. Let me just say this to Vijay Mallya, “Sir, we would prefer that you serve your shareholders and manage your companies and pay your debts like a hon’ble man. We really do not need your expertise to serve the country. We have better people than you already managing our country, that is, the politicians. So, just go ahead and have a “GOODTIMES.”

Avinash Narula

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Thats nothing surprising Mallya is not known to walk his talk. He spends more than he earns and reneges on payments and has done so for a very long time.


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