There is really something wrong with Honda City’s clutch

I had blogged in 2009 that I had to replace my Honda City Clutch after just 30,000 km which is a sure sign of poor quality. Honda dealer and the company gave the usual excuse that I was riding the clutch. Of course, I had proved that to ride the clutch, I had to be either drunk all the time or just stupid. Honda’s CEO also did not listen to my woes as well as ignored all my appeals.

Of course, I received quite a few responses from Honda City owners who had the same problem as I had, that is, the clutch failed prematurely. What I didn’t tell anybody was that last year I had to replace the clutch and flywheel again, that is, after 1 year of replacing thr flywhell and the clutch. I had to spend Rs. 19,000 again last year. This really suggests to me that Honda cars have a technical problem with their clutch system. I think one should think twice before buying a Honda car. I am just hoping that it does not become an annual expense.

I hope that Honda guys are listening to their customer or reading their blogs. From the experience that I have had with Honda executives including their CEO which you can read here, I don’t think they really care. Do let me know if you have faced similar problems with your Honda car.

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Avinash Narula

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I own a Honda City model, but til now I haven’t come across with any problem regarding its clutch. Anyways thanks for sharing your experience.


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