The best decision Vijay Mallya has made so far

Vijay Mallya has finally made a wise decision. He has decided to get rid of Kingfisher Red. As I have mentioned earlier, the biggest mistake that Vijay Mallya made was to buy Air Deccan. You cannot have a low cost airline and a premium airline run by the same company. Jet made the same mistake and so did Vijay Mallya. While branding, we have to give up something to get something. We cannot be everything to everybody.

I am not a frequent traveler. In fact, I hardly travel much. However, I had the opportunity to travel by Kingfisher 2/3 times earlier and I was really impressed. In fact, I felt that Vijay Mallya is going to make it big in the Airline business. Then he goes and buys Air Deccan. If you guys remember, he did not know what to do about Air Deccan for nearly 6 months after he purchased it.

Of course, our biggest enemy is our obsession with becoming a global company and achieving high growth and high market share. This is what made Kingfisher buy Air Deccan and which finally led to his downfall. I do hope others do not make the same mistake. I doubt it because “greed” is difficult to control.

Avinash Narula

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