Telecom scandal-Why are the industry associations keeping quite?

I have been surprised to note that till now none of the industry associations like FICCI, CII, ASSOCHAM and others have not commented on the telecom scandal. Even COAI, the telecom industry association has kept quite.

Whenever, the government does anything or establishes a policy which hurts the businesses, these associations aggressively comment on the same. However, in the case of telecom scandal nobody has commented even though it is one ofthe biggest scams – Rs. 50,000 crores – of recent times. I feel that the associations have an obligation to ensure that the government policies are fair for all the stakeholders and not just the business people. It is only fair, just and transparent government policies which will benefit the nation including the business people.

Don’t mistake me for a socialist. I believe in capitalism. But we should realize that fairness is in built-in in the concept of capitalism. Capitalism does not say that you cheat people.

I do hope that some of the industry organizations would stand up and be counted.

avinash narula

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