Take Anil Ambani seriously

Anil Ambani’s AGM speech is front page news in all the newspapers. If you remember, during the time that Anil Ambani was fighting with Mukesh to get his rightful share, he had revealed some misdeeds of Mukesh. For instance, with an investment of just Rs. 50 crores, Mukesh was going to gain Rs. 7-8000 crores in Reliance Telecom. Woth practically all the investment of Reliance shareholders, Mukesh was taking a major share of Reliance Telecom as sweat equity. He ultimately reversed the deal. Similarly, some of his friends were also going to benefit from Reliance Telecom. Later everything was reversed.

I would think that Anil’s question that why is the government wanting to fix a higher price for gas when 99% of the revenues/profit is going to RIL is a question worth looking at. I feel that there should be transparency in all the actions of the government and they should not be biased. I also think that for Anil to react in such an aggressive manner suggests that there is more than meets the eye.

I agree with Anil Ambani that Mukesh is trying to get out of the agreement because the price agreed upon by him was low as compared to what the current and expected future price levels.

Avinash Narula

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Hi Avinash,

I totally agree. It just doesn’t add up that the govt would be willing to forgoe reaping financial benefits from this. From the moment minister Murli Deora’s unjustified intervention was pointed out, it just goes to show that there are numerous high level interests in seeing this dispute drag on indefinitely.
It’s just another excuse to divert the public’s attention from other more important issues such as the rice scam and balochistan!


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