Should Bajaj be dropped? Implementation issues

In my previous post, I had discussed the new branding strategy of Rajiv Bajaj from the point of view of management theory. Well, management theory suggests that Rajiv Bajaj is on the right track. Now let us discuss some of the implementation issues that Rajiv Bajaj will have to grapple with to make his new branding strategy a success. In addition, we will also try to comment on some of the issued and concerns raised by others while debating on this issue.

Mukesh Ambani lost a bundle last time. This time he could do so again.

If you guys remember, Mukesh lost a bundle when he got into a tiff with his brother Anil Ambani last time. He lost nearly Rs. 7000 crores in sweat equity which he would have received had Anil not blown off the lid on the sweat equity scam. Some of Mukesh’s freinds also lost money and I am not talking about small change here. I believe Mukesh will lose money or some advantage again as Anil is slowly and steadly revealing information which will have adverse effects on Mukesh’s business. We have already seen that the government is reviewing the terms and conditions based on which they will enter all future oil and gas contracts. They intend to ensure that they have the final decision on pricing and distribution of national assets like oil and natural gas reserves. I think the way things are going, the capex of over $8 billion dollars approved for Reliance by the government may also be reviewed or may come under scanner.