Core competence concept-Ideal for small businesses

One of my strong beliefs is that practically all management concepts can be applied in small as well as large businesses. Usually, it so happens that while introducing new concepts, management gurus think of large businesses only. For instance, CK Prahalad’s book on his concept of Core Competence is complex and not easy to understand. I am not ashamed of admitting that I also had a difficult time understanding the concept and I am not sure that I have understood all that CK Prahalad had to say. Even a journalist working with the leading business daily in India, Economic Times, was not clear as to what Core Competence meant.

Learning management through posters

Posters are a very effective learning and reminder tool. As such, I have decided to develop a website where you will be able to find management posters on practically all topics of management. I am slowly and steadily building it up. Have a look and if you have any suggestions do let me know.