There is really something wrong with Honda City’s clutch

I had blogged in 2009 that I had to replace my Honda City Clutch after just 30,000 km which is a sure sign of poor quality. Honda dealer and the company gave the usual excuse that I was riding the clutch. Of course, I had proved that to ride the clutch, I had to be either drunk all the time or just stupid. Honda’s CEO also did not listen to my woes as well as ignored all my appeals.

What Honda does not understand Maruti does!

I think anybody who has had a premature failure of the clutch of his car has heard the excuse that all car manufacturers give immediately, that is, they tell you that the fault is yours because you have been overriding the clutch. They have now added another excuse, that is, the bumper to bumper driving conditions in the city you live in. Honda gave me these excuses when my Honda car’s clutch and flywheel failed at 30,000 km and just a few days back Maruti dealer gave me the same excuse also when my Swift car’s clutch failed at 20,000 km. Some of you who had responded to my blog had also complained of Honda’s clutch problem.

Honda City’s Clutch & Flywheel get burnt at 30000 km. Could the car have caught fire?

The clutch and flywheel of my Honda City failed/burnt at 30,000 km. I could not believe this. I have driven cats all my life, but never had to replace the flywheel because it got burnt even once. I am very unhappy with Honda and its quality. I am giving below step by step what is happening to my complaint with Honda Car India and I will keep you guys posted about the developments. Lets see how Honda maintains / build relationship with its customers.