Do not take loans from Standard Chartered Bank

This is a follow-up on my earlier post. Can you believe that Customer Service Manager of Standard Chartered Bank called to convince me that what they had done was legal and as per their contract. I cannot imagine that intelligent hot shot bank executives who must have studied at all the top schools can come up with such a scam. If this is true, I would recommend to all of you out there who are planning to take a loan from Standard Chartered Bank or thinking of opening a bank account with them, don’t do so as you might be debited with charges that you never thought you had to pay. And if you can’t afford to pay their illogical charges, you will the additional expense of going to the Doctor to get medicines High Blood Pressure and hyper tension. My response to the customer service manager’s illogical argument is given below.

Honda car executives want justification to satisfy its customers

In my earlier post, I had mentioned that Honda car service executive who called me wanted me to provide him justication as to why Honda should resolve my problem to satisfy me. His justification for not taking care of my complaint was as follows:

Why do airlines need government intervention to tell the truth

I have been unable to understand why airlines do not like telling its prospective customers the total price inclusive of all charges as well as the break-up. Why don’t they disclose the total amount the customer has to pay? What will they gain by hiding the correct amount or the break-up details that the customer has to pay?

What can lost customers do to your bottomline?

I am back with some more customer mathematics.

Citibank Cardholder-Beware your card can be cancelled anytime

Recently I went out for dinner with some business guests and pulled out one of my Citibank credit cards to pay the bill. The waiter came back and said that the card was invalid. I was shocked. For a moment I thought I was in trouble as I didn’t have enough cash with me. Then suddenly I realized that I have another Citibank card, so I gave the same to the waiter. Fortunately the other card worked and I was able to pay the bill otherwise I would have been washing dishes at the restaurant, courtesy Citibank.