Finally, Ratan Tata admits mistake

Finally, Ratan Tata has admitted that his companies “might have gone too far too fast” which is what I have stated on this blog long time back when everybody was going ballastic about Tata’s acquisition of Corus and Jaguar Land Rover (JLR).

Vijay Mallaya should learn from Paramount

I had earlier written that Vijay Mallaya should learn from Paramount how to run an airline. Today, when Kingfisher is in trouble and Vijay Mallaya owes huge amounts to oil and hotel companies, Paramount Airlines is hiring 80 foreign pilots and 200 local pilots in the current year. Paramount needs pilots because it is adding 10 aircrafts to its existing fleet of six planes and increasing the number of flights from 1800 to 2500 per month by October 2009. It is also expanding slowly and steadily. Last month it launched flights in the eastern region.

Why do reputed companies behave in an unethical manner?

The Bangalore city corporation has issued a public notice warning against investing in DLF’s proposed complex named Westend Heights in Bangalore because DLF has not obtained approvals like environmental clearance, power, water and sanitation approvals for the project. DLF has, however invited bookings for the project and has released advertisements for the same.

Why do airlines need government intervention to tell the truth

I have been unable to understand why airlines do not like telling its prospective customers the total price inclusive of all charges as well as the break-up. Why don’t they disclose the total amount the customer has to pay? What will they gain by hiding the correct amount or the break-up details that the customer has to pay?

Finally Satyam will have Tech Mahindra as its new owner

Hats off to the government for doing the right thing right the first time in the case of the Satyam scam. The government moved fast and took advanatge of the existing laws to save jobs and the company. Finally, today Satyam will get its new owner – Tech Mahindra. Today, I can say that I am proud of my government ( a rare occassion). They deserve a pat on the back for taking prompt decision. This is the first time the politicians have thought about the citizens of this country.

Now Biyani wants to buy an advertising agency

Yesterday, I had mentioned in my blog that journalists need to ask a few tough questions from Kishore Biyani who seems to keep announcing either launch of different retail formats or joint ventures or acquisition. Today, Economic Times reported that Kishore Biyani’s is buying 60% stake in Dhar & Hoon, the advertising agency. By the way, I am just wondering what area of the economy Kishore Biyani doesn’t want to be?

Restrict promoters power to invest company’s money

In my earlier post, I had given some suggestions with respect to pledging of shares by promoters. Some other related issues have also to be taken care of.