What was wrong with the 3 Idiots’ story?

As mentioned in my earlierr post, I would like to use the story of the 3 Idiots movie as a case study to understand how to build a convincing story for your written and oral communications as well as how to avoid the mistakes that others make while telling their story.

3 Idiots-what about its story?

I could not complete this post for quite a while for a variety of reasons. After all the controversy about the movie 3 idiots, I finally saw it sometime back.

Chetan Bhagat lies. Makes everyone idiots.

I didn’t know yesterday that the producer of 3 Idiots, Vidhu Vinod Chopra(VVC), had put the contract with Chetan Bhagat on their website. This is exactly what I had suggested yesterday. All this media hoopla of who said what was just a gimmick if not on part of both the parties but certainly on the part of Chetan Bhagat. The contract clearly states that whatever VVC and Aamir have been saying. It clearly indicates that Chetan Bhagat was lying. Also, it seems that Times of India (TOI) people have made the effort to read the book and have stated that according to them whatever VVC have said is correct. I think their article headline should have been, “Chetan Bhagat is a liar” but we know that newspapers like TOI like to be in the good books of celebreties.

Are the 3 idiots making idiots out of us?

Well, I think they are. Not only that they are laughing all the way to the bank by making us idiots. Who am I talking about? Of course, the producers of the movie 3 idiots, actor Aamir Khan and of course Chetan Bhagat.