Slumdog Millionare-A good story can win you Oscars

Let us analyze why Slumdog Millionare has won Oscars and also why Bollywood came into limelight?

According to me, it is the story of Slumdog Millionare that won the hearts of millions. First, the story was very relevant to the current gloom and doom of the global world economy. The story of Slumdog Millionaire was the story of hope, optimism and of dreaming big. It was a story that was bound to connect with the hearts of the people. Second, the story was told in a very realistic manner. No wonder Danny Boyle has won so many awards for direction.

I believe AR Rehman received the exposure and finally the award because the story brought the whole film into limelight. I understand AR Rehman has composed excellent music for a number of Indian films but he was not recognized because the film as a whole didn’t go anywhere. I believe there are very capable people in Bollywood but what we are lacking is good story tellers. Once we can learn to tell a good story, I do not believe winning awards would be difficult.

A lot of people are thinking that this is the launchpad for bollywood to getting more rewards. It certainly is but without a good story telling capabilty, our hopes are going to shattered. If we continue to show Salman Khan tearing his shirt apart at a beach with a beautiful girl in his arms in practically every film of his, expecting to continue to get awards would be foolish.

Now if the Bollywood directors and storywriters need to get an insight as to how to write a good story, they can read my book “80/20 Rule of Communicating your ideas effectively.” I learnt how to write a good story from the Chairman of the company I worked for in US. I found the need of telling a good story so critical in all our communication that I ended up writing a book on the subject.

Congratulations to AR Rehman and Resul as well as to other Oscar winners.

Avinash Narula

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