Slum Dog Millionaire and Amitabh Bachan

Like evrybody else, I have the highest regard for Amitabh Bachan not because he is filmstar and a celebrity but because he is down to earth, talks logically and has honoured his committments. I would trust him. However, in the case of his comments on the movie – Slum Dog Millionaire (SDM), he has it wrong for the following reasons:

(1) If the directos of the film have shown poverty as it exists in India in a slum, then he should appreciate it. One of the reasons that I don not like seeing Hindi films is that they don’t depict reality. As Anurag Kashyap, Director has said, “What we show our viewers is complete sham. Even a jobless guy finding it difficult to make ends meet is just too well dressed in our movies.” I think Amitabh Bachan should appreciate this as he makes his living from the film industry.

(2) SDM is rags to riches story. So this one has started in a slum. Nobody will think that the whole of India is like a slum just as nobody who sees an Indian Gangster movie would think that everybody in India is a gangster. I think Amitabh Bachan (Big B) should see the American movie “Pursuit of Happyness” in which Will Smith is shown sleeping in public bathrooms and eating at homeless kitchens for survival and ultimate becoming a rich man. Its just a story, Bachan saheb.

One of Big B’s movies show that an old man falling in love with a young woman. Now this doesn’t mean that every old man will fall in love.

In fact, I hope that Bollywood also starts making films which are based on reality.

Avinash Narula

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Well said.

I saw Slumdog Millionaire today. Boyle has really done a good job with this movie. While the movie deals with the gory details of the underbelly of Mumbai, it doesnt really leave you with a sick feeling. The story feels like a commentary and at the end you just feel good about the whole movie. Very well done I must say.

The music score by Rehman is amazing, the actors who played junior Jamal and Salim were the real stars. They were simply too good.


Avinash Narula Reply:


Thanks for your comments. I have not seen the movie but after reading your comments I will see it.

Actually, I do not comment on movies on my blog. I only discuss management issues and comment on them based on logic and experience. Since all these actors keep talking about creative freedom in movies, I thought I needed to comment based on logic. Its not a story about India and its poverty so I am not sure why Big B is so angry about.

Thanks again



I am disappointed that an actor of Imitabh Bachan’s stature saw, Slumdog Millionaire as only the portrayal of the India’s dirty underbelly.
The film is a stunning portrayal of the hopelessness of the slums of India,as well as the criminal element which exploits such desperation,and shows that people become what they live. Yet love, goodness and hope still shines through and the film also shows the attack on the Muslims during the riots. All of these elements are very much an issue in Indian society and we should not sweep it under the rug, because the sensibilities of the rich and the famous are offended.


“Slumdog Millionaire” naam se dukh

aaj ke dor main gareeb samaj alag-alag naaam se jaana jata hai. kisliye sirf gareeb ka roj naya namkaran hota hai. kabhi girijan, harijan, chamar, bhangi, dalit, upekchit samaj, vachit samaj, achoot. kab tak ijjat utarawa kar amir ka manoranjan karta rahega yeh

samaj aaj rajnitkon ki pehli pasand hai yeh samaj, filmkaron ke liye hai yeh ek akarshak mudha.
Kiyonki aise naam rakhne se koi inke khilaaf court jayega aur inko aram se popularity mill jayegi aisi gandi soch ko badawa hamara sensor board bhi de raha hai.

Is film ko approval dene ka matlab hai ki is board ki atma mar chuki hai aur is board main koi bhi is samaj ki chinta karne wala nahi hai. Aur is sab ke peeche kaaran hai sarkar ki laparvahi aur andekhi. Aisi dasha main ek bar fir bhagwan hi bhala kare jo kabhi nahi karta par umeed hai.

Jai bhim jai bharat bharat mata ki jai.

Shant Prakash(JATAV)
279,Gyan Khand-1
Indira Puram,
Ghaziabad-201012,Uttar Pradesh
Mobile-09871952799 ,


As an Indian, I watched the “Slumdog Millionaire” and I felt really sick. The reason is regarding few of the scenarios shown in the movies, which do not happen really in India. Some of them are:

-Showing child appearing with shit all over his body to get an autograph of a Bollywood Star:Although I have seen much of the poverty in and around Mumbai, I have never seen such hopeless condition of the poor people in Mumbai. I felt really disgusted to see such a scene. I’m certain that other Indians who have seen Mumbai closely would be shocked to see this too.

- Tap water being filled in the Mineral Water Bottle: Although I have heard of this scandal and I’m sure it does happen in some of the situation, it is wrong to portrait India as the country, where it is a common habit.

- Children being made beggers and made blind:I think it is true and as a county, India has to work towards removing this mal-practice.

-The Millionaire Contestant is beaten by police before he could answer the final question to become a Millionaire: This is ridiluloius. There has not being a single case of this happening in India at such a senior level. Does the Movie Director think that it is the rule of the jungle which prevails in India. Simply shocking to see as to how the Director got this wild idea about Indian law and order situation..!!

- Showing riots between Hindu and Muslims in Mumbai: I really dont understand as to the need to show this in the movie. Does the Director wants to show how well India is divided between various religions. I need to remind him that in his county(United Kingdom), the Catholic and Protestants are well divided and the true example in the formation on “Ireland” as a country. Even in Muslims, Shia and Sunni are divided…so lets not get into each country’s religious differences and open old history books..!!

-Showing how ill-managed Indian Call Center are in India: I do not need to defend as to the quality and hard work of the Indian call center. It might be a one off case which has being picked for the movie. Do we really need to see the quality of the Indian Call Center as compared to the one in Europe or USA for that matter(we all know how lazy the support guys in European Call Center Behave). It makes me really wonder as to what is the BIGGER MOTIVE behind depicting India as a poor call center hub is..!!

What makes me really wonder is what happens if a movie is made based on British Society and it gets nominated in Oscars. Some of the unique features of the movie would be:
-50%(half) of the lazy British Population living on Benefits and doing nothing except drinking
- Knife culture within the youth with young kids not afraid to stab anybody knowing that that can get away with easy or no punishment
- Confused British Social Structure with people cant even remember as to whom have they married how many times and how many kids they have
-Arrogant and Non Tolarance towards better educated and well behaved Foreigners: DO I NEED TO SAY MORE..!!

Hope there are some mature people out there who can understand and appreciate my view regarding this BIASED BEHAVIOUR shown towards India…If you really want to see some quality Movies showing REAL INDIA, I would be more than happy to guide to to them.




vishal Reply:

kya comment hein yaar !!!saala apun kah toh bheja khul gaya padtehi,sahi hein shanth bhai shant rah k sab kuch batah dia


Drona Reply:

One thing you got right there which many people might be missing..i.e BIASED BEHAVIOR
This is particularly true when it comes to British & BBC , they haven’t refrain from showing their bigotry against India & Hinduism.


hi Shant Prakash ,

we just want to tell you, have you ever seen mumbai’s slums?
or any slums in India?.as a media professional i seen somany places in India. the condition is as worst as the director of SDM exposed in the picture.the real life of india is not just like our usual Bollywood films like amitab batchans come out from your home and go to any slum in India, try to stay there watch the circumstances how they are living.


sorry Shant Prakash we commented to mr.jzzheart not to you.


While Slum Dog Millionare is a well taken movie – there are couple of flaws as far as the game show is concerned – which is the fulcrum of the movie… a) Game shows are never telecasted Live !! b) During the last question – where there is a commercial break – after the question is asked wherein the participant is allowed to move around before he/she gives out the answer is not done at all !!


Hi boon,
aapne sirf gareeb ko camre ki nazar se dekha hei. meine us apman ko na kewal zhela hei bulki us apman ka bozha roj dhota hun mein usi samaj se hun jisko aap jaise log DOG ya Slumdog pukarte hein. aur hamein ghar se nikalne ki baat mat karo yadi bahar aa gaye to kranti ho jaygi.


Very sad story ,not real ,depressing and horrifying events ,insult to Amitabh Bhachan as the compere of the show ,kon benaga corepati ,after the movie ,what efforts have been made to help the people living in slums ? nothing!


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