Executives at Tatasky lie

I had earlier posted my experience with Tatasky when my wife and I wanted to watch Slumdog Millionaire. What happened after that is evident from the email I received from the COOO (I didn’t add the “O” by mistake. Its actually a designation.) and my response to him.

Political circus spells doom for our country

The political circus going on these days scares me. It is getting worse than the TV serials where one sometimes doesn’t know who is married to whom and who is related to whom. Today, political parties are breaking relationships with each based on a dispute as to who will fight one particular seat. I wish they had disagreements on how to fix the various problems of the country as that would assure me that at least someone is thinking of resolving our problems.

No more jackpots for telecom players

A number of people including I were outraged when telecom players like Unitech were given spectrum for peanuts which they sold to make billions. All of us wanted that the profits made by Unitech belonged to us, the public and that the money should be returned to the government. The other demand we had that was that the telecom minister Mr. Raja should have resigned and that the matter should be investigated to find out how Mr. Raja ended up doing such a stupid thing.

Its all about the jobs, stupid

Even though I am repeating what I have said before, I think it needs repeating because nobody is listening. In a recession or when the economy is bad, the government can take only some actions as the economy is not run by the government but rather by the people. The actions that the government can take are as follows:

IIM graduate as CEO for Rs. 600,000 year

Today in the morning, I had commented on the drop in the salaries that are being offered to IIM graduates as compared to the previous years. While writing the above post, I was not aware that ManishBhai Patel who owns Rs. 3 crore Varun Radiators in Kajol, Gujrat hired a 26 year old IIM (A) graduate as CEO for Rs. 600,000.

Think before booking a Nano car

Last I heard that Tatas were planning to ask for Rs. 70,000 as booking amount for the Nano car. I think it is my duty to inform the general public what is wrong with this scenario. The facts are given below:

Are IIM MBA’s too expensive?

I think so. I think this is also true of Harvard MBAs. I always used to wander about the intelligence of people representing companies which offered Rs. 1 crore or more per annum to IIM MBAs. I do not think anyone is worth that kind of money unless and until the person can show proof of what he has achieved in the real world.

I have realized that I can never become as smart as Vijay Mallya

Hats off to Vijay Mallya! Today, I have finally realized why Vijay Mallya is rich and I am not? Why he is so well known and I am not? Why he is so generous and I am not? Why he is such a loyal Indian and Desh Bakht and I am not? Let me explain?

Reduce customer defections for exponential increase in profits

Its been a long time since I have talked about customer mathematics. So let me introduce you to the next customer math formula.

Tax cuts – not enough

I had suggested earlier that the government needs to take the following steps to stimulate the economy: