Blue Ocean or Positioning or Finding a Gap

I recently read an article about Renee Mauborgne’s book “Blue Ocean Strategy: How to create uncontested market space and make competition irrelevant.” I have not read the book but what her concept seems to be based on the concept of positioning or finding a gap in the marketplace which Al Reis and Jack Trout have explained it very well in their books. She uses the example of Cemex, a Mexican cement company which basically positioned cement as a gift item because of the desire of Mexican to build cement houses and were able to increase its sales tremendously. This is just positioning for a particular segment of people. Similarly, the example of Nintendo Wii and Sony’s Playstation 3, I think all about positioning and finding a gap in the market.

The case of the missing wheelchair

Yesterday, I went to leave my mother-in-law at the airport as she was going to visit her son in Australia. My mother-in-law is 72 and has not been keeping well. As such, we decided that she should travel by business class on Singapore Airlines (even though appox 25% more expensive) than Thai because we were told that they are the best in the business as far as service is concerned.

Airtel wants to be like Toyota

I recently read an article in ET in which its CEO & Joint MD Manoj Kohli was profiled. It seems that Manoj Kohli’s dream is to make Bharti Airtel the Toyota of the telecom industry.

Vodafone also cheats according to its customers

I thought that maybe it was Airtel alone which bills its customers without their orders but Vodafone does it too. This is evident from the email that I received from a harassed customer, Jigar Goks. The contents of the email given below are self explanatory.

How Airtel is making money?

Telecom companies in India have found a new way to sell. Whenever they are short on their sales or profit targets, they just bill you for services not ordered by you.

Low cost vs premium airlines

I have reading about the demise of low cost airlines because of the high fuel prices. I am not sure what is the logic behind people making this comment.

Mallaya needs to let go Deccan

According to me, the options available to Vijay Mallaya were just two when he bought Air Deccan which are as follows:

Automatic growth

I had ealier posted an article wherein I had discussed the penchant of company executives to be the number one in their market. Maybe they have become convinced of the idea that the only way to make money is become number one in one’s market from Jack Welsh of GE or maybe they have read the book on PIMS database which suggests that high profitability is linked with high market share in the served markets. In another article, I have also made comments of executive’s obsession to grow fast by whatever means so that they can either become number one or become large enough to reap economies of scale.

Will call but don’t call

I had just finished writing the post on “Do no call Registry” when this incident happened. I am trying to get a payment gateway for my website so I had called IndiaMart to set up a meeting with their sales people as they provide payment gateway. I talked to Mahesh who told me that he has passed on a message to the salesperson and that he will call today. But nobody called. I reminded Mahesh a number of times and everytime he told me that the person will call. But nobody called. Today morning I again spoke to Mahesh and this is how the conversation went.

Do not call registry

Sometime back, I had mentioned in one of my blogs that why are we, as a customer, asked to register our names and telephones to stop getting calls which are an invasion of privacy as well as illegal. According to law, unsolicited calls are illegal. The court has also fined the telecom companies as well the association of mobile operators. I felt that it should be other way round, that is, whichever customer wants to receive calls should register their names and telephone numbers. Now this is what the Supreme Court has also suggested.