Getting banned by World Bank is OK

It was reported that Wipro was banned by the World Bank for two reasons as follows:

How Airtel increases it revenues by cheating customers?

Are there more skeletons in corporate India’s balance sheet? Sure there are. Everybody knows that practically everybody cooks up their balance sheets. Most ofthe time the objective of closly held companies is to reduce profits so that they pay less tax. But a lot of companies want to show ever increasing returns to boost up the share prices just like what Raju of Satyam was aiming at. With higher valuations, companies can raise more money or the promoters can sell their stakes at a higher price.

Learning management through posters

Posters are a very effective learning and reminder tool. As such, I have decided to develop a website where you will be able to find management posters on practically all topics of management. I am slowly and steadily building it up. Have a look and if you have any suggestions do let me know.

What can lost customers do to your bottomline?

I am back with some more customer mathematics.

Satyam fiasco – Lesson 2

We need to start thinking? God while giving us brains was probably saying “Thou shall think and analyze to see what actually is.” I think practically all of us have been guilty of accepting success at its face value.

Satyam fiasco – Lesson 1

Yesterday was a very sad day for the corporate world in India as well as the culture of India. Ramalinga Raju confessed to cooking up Satyam’s books for years. How much money / wealth does a person need? Where was the need for Raju to do what he did? If the company did not grow to the market’s expectation, so what? Its not the end of the world. This unfortunate incident has raised many questions, some obvious and some not so obvious. I have been writing about some of the issues involved here. In next few days, I will discuss some of these issues here, so stay tuned.

Citibank Cardholder-Beware your card can be cancelled anytime

Recently I went out for dinner with some business guests and pulled out one of my Citibank credit cards to pay the bill. The waiter came back and said that the card was invalid. I was shocked. For a moment I thought I was in trouble as I didn’t have enough cash with me. Then suddenly I realized that I have another Citibank card, so I gave the same to the waiter. Fortunately the other card worked and I was able to pay the bill otherwise I would have been washing dishes at the restaurant, courtesy Citibank.

Turn your customers into your salesforce

I am back with some more mathematics related to the customer.

Finance Christmas Carol for 2008

Here is a Christmas carol written by a student in Australia that has an important message for all

You could be wasting 70% of your marketing cost

In my last post on the subject of customer satisfaction and retention, I had discussed the customermath formula 10%=47%. Let us continue learning customer mathematics.