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HSBC’s HR Head Tanuj Kapilashrami says, “But we would always want someone who has overcome adversity and succeeded. That’s the kind of story that inspires.” Her comment was part of the article by Dibeyendu Ganguly on management and motivational speakers in Corporate Dossier, a supplement of Economic Times. My thoughts on the subject are as follows:

(a) In adversity, the choices are few. Usually, it is a do or die situation. I believe you are almost forced to do something. Most of the time you don’t have a choice.

(b) Also, most of the time it is difficult for people to relate to extreme adverse situations. They would be unable to relate Mahatma Gandhi’s attempt to free India from the British rule or with the guy who built a road single handedly in Bihar. I think they need to get motivated by people who have achieved small successes when faced with similar challenges as they face everyday.

Yes, stories of success against all odds overwelm you but whether they inspire the everyday working man or not is a question to be considered. I think we need stories that are more common and to which people can relate to in corporate and personal life to motivate people like you and me. We will not get motivated with extreme example. I think we will get more motivated with mainstream examples.

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Its really nice ……m a HR fresher m i like your thought sir ….Thanx to management blog


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