King of Good Times becomes King of Hard Times

I was happy that finally Vijay Mallaya was out of the news and that we could concentrate on more important issues rather than discuss about the “King of Hard Times.”

Well, you know that Vijay Mallaya cannot stay out of the news for too long. It was reported by Economic Times today that his cheque of Rs. 77 crores issued to the Airport Authority (AAI) has bounced. I am not surprised because the trend was pretty obvious when he had issued blank cheques to AAI sometime back. What is surprising is that AAI is not revealing the truth. If the cheque has bounced, we the public want to know. We also want to know what action AAI is taking to recover the money from Kingfisher.

AAI should black list Kingfisher Airlines and not provide its services to Kingfisher Airlines till all the dues are cleared. You and me do not get any slack from the government departments when we do not pay our electricity, water and property tax dues. We have to fork out penalty amounts. So why is Kingfisher Airlines being let off easy.

Vijay Mallaya hopefully has enough assets to sell to pay his dues. Also, Kingfisher should be made to pay interest on all the payments due from him.

Its a sad day when a person keeps buying luxury toys for himself and does not pay his creditors. I had a friend who did the same and didn’t last long in business. I have another friend who even refuses to buy a new car till he is able to pay all his creditors on time. Now that is what being “King” is all about, that is, take care of your subjects before you take care of yourself. This is the way to build an image and business and not like what Vijay Mallaya does. Hanging out and partying with the rich and famous and showing off glamorous beautiful girls by ones side is not what being “King” is all about.

I also feel that the media should not project Vijay Mallaya as “King of good times” as he is really the “King of hard Times.” As stated a number of times by me, media needs to get more analytical in its approach. For instance, why has the Economic Times not calculated the interest that AAI is losing because of non-payment of dues by Kingfisher Airlines. According to my calculations, AAI is losing Rs. 394,520 as interest every day on an outstanding of Rs. 180 crores that Kingfisher Airlines owes to AAI. Now believe me thats a lot of money.

avinash narula

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Kingfisher Cadet Pilots Programme:Another Pitifull Creation Of Mallaya.(KING OF SORROWFULL TIMES)
Parents have invested lakhs of their hard -earned rupees in sending their beloved children for KF’s Cadet Pilot Programme abroad(USA). The course which was to take 9 months has pulled on for 15 months and without any moral intervention from KF. To add insult to injury there are no jobs for these aspiring cadet pilots although KF issued written letters to these students assuring them partial re-imbursement of the course fees put on the table by parents and a job in KF????
Indigo on the other hand have their cadets at the same institute and pay them 600 USD per month and a guaranteed job on completion. Hats off to Indigo!!
And KF should rub their nose in the dust for not only robbing parents hard earned money but destroying carrers of young students. Cheers to the KING OF GOOD TIMES!! who at every KF flight comes on PA”I personally select my staff???”


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