Keep your customers informed of the level of service provided by you

I had read quite sometime back that service providers should regularly inform their customers about the level of service they are getting. I believe the reason behind this is that customers take the level of service that they are getting for granted and they sometimes do not appreciate the efforts of the service provider. Also, the effort you have made to serve the customer is also sometimes not visible to the customer. I think this is true of my experience also.

Since I am also providing a service here, I thought I should also let you know that here you are getting analytical commentary on management concepts as well as on the decisions taken by the business world which is thought provoking and logical. Obviously, you would like to see some evidence to support my claim which is as follows:

1. I have been tracking Kingfisher story since quite sometime beginning with “Merging low-cost brands with high-cost brands-a risky proposition” dated Oct 18, 2007 wherein I had also predicted that finally Air Deccan will be merged with Kingfisher. The merger has already happened even though Vijay Mallya calls Air Deccan “Kingfisher Red.” I have always maintained that Kingfisher and Jet Airways made a mistake in buying Air Deccan and Sahara Airline respectively and the same has been proved by the financial problems that they have been having. Vijay Mallya would have saved a lot of money if he had just read my blog as he would have not gone through 2/3 different branding exercises including the painting of planes.

2. I was one of the first few that clearly stated that the Kingfisher Airlines and Jet Airways were forming a cartel (“Jet and Kingfisher form a cartel but call it a pathbreaking alliance” Oct 14, 2008). I had analyzed the situation and given all the reasoning. In fact, the editor of one of the management magazines 4Ps even interviewed me on the subject. I was told that I have been quoted in the article that they wrote on the subject.

3. I think I was the first to call the sale of spectrum by Unitech a SCAM (“Govt. gives spectrum for peanuts. Unitech hits Jackpot.” Oct 31, 2008). Till now, none of the newspapers have given as much analytical detail as I have given to support the fact that this is a Rs. 40,000 crore SCAM. I have also suggested a way in the government can disallow the sale. It was in the news today that Government is taking some action by proposing of 3-year lock-in period for the promoter. However, I do not think this is enough. Hopefully, you will hear more on this from me.

4. In my post, “Vijay Mallya needs to learn from SpiceJet and Paramount” dated Oct 16, 2008, I have suggested that Vijay Mallya should learn something from smaller airlines. Today, it was in the news that a small airline, Paramount Airways, is actually expanding inspite of the global meltdown. Economic Times reported that the reason behind this was “steady growth rather than rapid expansion.” If you read my post, “Automatic Growth” dated August 15, 2008, I have talked about “natural growth” vs “un-natural growth.” Paramount has adopted the natural growth model. Its getting its desired growth through implementing the right actions rather than pushing for growth like KingFisher and Jet. However, here I would like to point out that Paramount Airlines is the only airlines with a clearcut positioning that no other airlines has and is sticking to it. This is the primary reason for its success and even India’s leading business newspaper Economic Times has not been able to figure this out. If Paramount wants to grow at a faster pace, it may dilute is positioning to get more volumes and that will be the beginning of its downfall.

So I hope I have given you enough evidence to show that when you visit my blog, you do get some valuable and analystical information. I do hope you will keep coming back. And I also hope that you will also keep informing your customers of the good service that you are providing lest they forget of the effort that you make to serve them.

It is a good strategy to blow your horn once in a while.

Avinash Narula

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