Just like Vijay Mallya, I also want to serve the country.

When Vir Sanghvi on his show the Tycoon had asked Vijay Mallya as to why he joined politics, Vijay Mallya responded by saying he wanted to serve his country. It seems that Vijay Mallya’s Kingfisher Airlines owes oil PSU HPCL Rs. 602 crores towards supply of ATF fuel. The government has asked HPCL to convene a special board meeting to invoke Kingfisher’s Rs. 250 crore guarantee. I am not sure why Vijay Mallya is enjoying so much credit. The article in Economic Times dated 26/3/2010 also does not mention anything about payment of interest. You guys are aware that to put things in perspective, I always calculate the daily interest that Vijay Mallya is saving. In this case it works out to Rs. 19.8 lakhs a day at 12% interest.

I think its about time the government said enough is enough and take serious action against Vijay Mallya. Why is Vijay Mallya getting this preferential treatment? Now the airline industry is doing well. Vijay Mallya should not have any excuses to not to pay his bills. Also, I think he needs to curtail his expenses. I think couple of days back he flew to Delhi just to attend a function at a management institute where he was the chief guest. Now he must have used fuel bought on credit from one of the oil PSUs. When you owe big time money, business prudence requires that you do not spend money on making unnecessary trips on your jet. But I guess servingthe country means that you use public money and save Rs. 19.8 lakhs a day and then fly around in private jets to attend functions at management institutes.

If this is what serving the country means, then I would like to serve my country also. I think so will most of you.

Avinash Narula

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