IPL-Can everyone become a champion?

I have never been able to understand people who put undue pressure on their kids to come first in class. Only one out of the many contestants or participants or students will come first or become a champion. Everybody cannot become a champion

In addition, lets see what is in our control? Is becoming a champion or coming first in class or making a success of every business or achieving targets within our control? I don’t think so. What is within our control is how we work to achieve our goals and hardwiork we put in. Vijay Mallaya has not achieved everything he has aimed for. His takeover of Deccan didn’t go the way he had planned. He sold off Asian Age newspaper to Deccan Chronicle when he couldn’t make a success of it. I have always stated that one should look at the method of working of an executive and not just his level of achievement of targets before firing him.

I thought that Vijay Mallaya, owner of the IPL cricket team, would understand this simple logic. Just because his team didn’t do well in the IPL, he fired his CEO. I think he has behaved in a child like manner. In fact, this type of behaviour would adversely affect his positioning of ‘good times” that he has created for himself and his brands. Mr. Mallaya should know that somebody has to come last. Just because he is Vijay Mallaya does not guarantee that his team has to the champion. He has to realise that sometimes one team will win and at other times another team could win.

I had earlier written about Bajaj Auto firing its VP marketing because of non-achievement of target. I had suggested that if firing the VP-marketing can achieve targets for companies, then all that companies need to do is form a pool of VP-Marketing and keep exchanging / rotating the Vice Presidents amongst themselves and keep on achieving targets. Unfortunately, a similar arrangement in IPL will also not help as in this case somebody has to come last and there can be only one champion.

The solution is not firing executives in a knee jerk reaction but finding out what needs to be done. As far as I think, at this point of the game, Charu Sharma’s contribution to Mallaya’s team winning or losing would be insignificant. So firing Charu Sharma really didn’t serve any purpose. Of course, Mallaya could not fire Rahul or any of the players as that would have involved serious financial implications. So Mallaya found a soft target.

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The important thing is that when U started a business you should have to know the business ethics also SWOT,nice blog Thank you.


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