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We seem to be in the “instant” mode. We want everything done instantly. To quest our appetite for “intant you-name-it,” there are organizations which come up with scams (for lack of a better word).

For instant, once companies started believing that “loyal customers” are more profitable, they started to look for ways to get “loyal customers” instantly. And, as usual, there were organizations and consultants who sold CRM software and loyalty programs like frequent flier miles of airlines to generate “loyal customers.” But we all know where this has led to. Companies have realized that loyalty programs are not working. Also, our disillusionment with CRM is quite clear.

Now we have Catalyst India, a subsidiary of UK based Catalyst Global, selling us “instant team building.” What I am amazed at is that companies such as Walt Disney are buying into this concept of “instant teambuilding.” I am not sure how samba performances and other entertaining team building activities of Catalyst India can build teamwork? The basic reason why teams do not work is because we do not act as professionals. Also, I have not met anybody who knows what is the meaning of “professional” or “professionalism.”

 I talk about “automatic teamwork.” And the way to achieve this is to convince everybody in the orgnaization to act as professionals. What is my definition of “professional?” Simple. A person who takes all decisions in the best interest of the organization he works for is a true professional. Personal ego, politics and our personal likes and dislikes come in the way of our acting like a professional. So I am sure if there is any benefit of trying to create artificial “instant team” with Samba performances when the reason behind teams not working is not addressed.

Its about time that we stop trying to achieve things by taking a short cut or looking for “instant solutions.” Lets try to understand the reason for the problem and then find a solution.

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