There are still some who think before acting

In todays recessionary times, it is clear that people are going to lose jobs. However, before we fire people, some other options should be evaluated.

The first option is that first senior / top level management should take a cut in the salary. What Jet Airways did when it fored a number of people at the junior level was not a sensible act. Later, I think they thought that the senior management should also be involved in this painful process. I recently read that that senior Tata executives are going to take pay cuts to reduce wage bill so as to save jobs.

Second, reasonable option is that everybody takes a salary cut. This way the wage bill can be reduced and jobs saved. I think it is better to share the pain.

I think Mastek also came up with a good plan. They have told trainees that they can continue to work and get trained with reduced compensation.

The above is good for the employees, the company and the economy also. If more people are employed, they will spend money which will keep the wheels of economy churning. Company will earn the goodwill of its employees. In addition, the employees will not lose their self-esteem. High levels of unemployment is dangerous from social and economics point of view.

So do you guys think? Anyone has some better ideas?

Avinash Narula

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I agree with this Mastek should think of the senior management first. Mastek is a the only company i feel which has senior resources working since more than 15 years. these poeple don’t even work properly in the company. they are just for a name sake in the company. actual revenue generating resources are junior staff.
I hope Mastek will consider cutting salaries of top management as well.


noname Reply:

one more thing this is latest news as on today…..
with in Mastek there is a news that company might come with another list of employees whome it is going to offer virtual bench……really employees in Mastek are living with lot of tensions…..this is really not good for the company and mainly for the employees and software industry.

I hope mastek will not layoff or keep employees on virtual bench anymore…praying god for the same.


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