I told you so. We have been made Idiots by 3 Idiots.

In my first post on the subject, I had stated with reasons that we are being taken for a ride by Chetan Bhagat and maybe by the 3 Idiots team. Just yesterday I had written at about 6 in the morning that I hope I do not see Chetan’s face early in the morning but he again turned up like a bad penny on the front page of HT City. Chetan Bhagat has apologised to the producers of 3 Idiots, shown love and respect for Aamir Khan, made Idiots out of the general public and made the media dance to its tune like Idiots.

What is the net result? Chetan’s books are flying off the shelves and he is minting money (I had said so in my firts post). He says he wants to donate the money to charity. Chetan still continues to think we are all Idiots. Well, we can’t blame him taking our recent past into consideration. What a joke!

The tickets to 3 Idiots is also selling like hot cakes with the producers raking in solid mullah (I had told you so in my first post). Even though, nobody really knew Vidhu Vinod Chopra, now he has become a household name.

The producers of 3 Idiots are coming out with a book based on the movie (Even I could not predict this outcome). The producers of 3 Idiots found Chetan making so much money selling his books that they have also decided to publish a book based on the movie.

I think the major blame for us becoming idiots and taken for aride is that the newspapers are not doing their job or maybe doing their job too well. First of all, the journalists are not thinking or analyzing the stories that they are writing. It seems that the media is so enamoured by the celebrities that they just report whatever they say without thinking. Any journalist or editor with a little bit of simple logical thinking should have been able see to that these guys are trying to make idiots out of everyone but didn’t. Even yesterday, HT City printed a big picture of Chetan Bhagat on the front page. If I was the editor of HT City, I would made sure that the article was written in a manner that people like Chetan Bhagat would not lie just to get publicity again. I believe that the biggest idiots have been the media including the journalist and the editors of some of the biggest newspapers in the country. What a shame!

As far as Chetan Bhagat is concerned, his actions suggest what his values and ethics are. I urge people to boycott his books. We already have enough people like the politicians making idiots out of us.
I think that today I feel happy that there are bloggers like me out there who are analytically commenting on issues as well as acts of people like Chetan Bhagat in an effort to keep them honest.

I am again praying that I don’t see Chetan’s face in HT City as in about half an hour I will be picking up the paper. I do hope better sense has prevailed within the media community.

Remember, here you hear it just like it is.

Avinash Narula

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Hello, I think “3 idiots ” is not to make us idiot.It happens often in institutions to impose the syllabus without any sense of knowledge.


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