I have realized that I can never become as smart as Vijay Mallya

Hats off to Vijay Mallya! Today, I have finally realized why Vijay Mallya is rich and I am not? Why he is so well known and I am not? Why he is so generous and I am not? Why he is such a loyal Indian and Desh Bakht and I am not? Let me explain?

He uses his influence and whinning to delay the payment to government bodies like the oil companies, airport authority and saves on interest. The last time I calculated he was going to save almost Rs. 90 crores as interest. I remember the last time I commented on this subject, he owed Rs. 158 crores which was overdue to the oil companies on which the daily interest worked out to nearly Rs. 8 lakhs at 18% interest.

Of course, Vijay Mallya is a reasonable guy. Since he took almost Rs. 90 crores in interest savings from the government, he wants to return the favour. So he buys Gandhi souvenirs for Rs. 9.3 crores and states that he will give gift the souvenirs to the government.

Why is a smarter guy than me? Simple, He takes Rs. 90 crores benefit and returns Rs. 9.3 crores. I think I could also become rich doing what Mallya does but then I am not so smart. Making deals like this, I don’t think you need a reason to know why he is rich and I am not. Hey, if I was smart enough to make deals like this I would also be as generaous as him. Now Vijay Mallya is a savvy public relations guy. He spend 10% of his savings from the government and makes a place for himself in the Indian History. He will become part of The Indian history as the guy who was responsible for returning national treasure of Gandhi Souvenirs. What a generous and valiant effort. He has all of a sudden become a HERO!

However, as you guys are aware I do not mince words and try to call a spade a spade. So, I would say that Vijay Mallya still owes the government and us the taxpayers Rs. 80 crores. So I am not impressed. Just a few months back Vijay Mallya was crying but now he has suddenly found Rs. 9 crores to gift. What I am wondering is the media not thinking the way I am thinking? Or maybe my way is not logical.

avinash narula

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