HondaOne2One should be changed to OneWayHonda

Day before yesterday, a lady from HondaOne2One called me. In case you guys do not know, HondaOne2One is the brand name of Honda Cars customer care. The lady who called wanted to know if the dealer had spoken to me. First, she didn’t tell me what the dealer was supposed to speak to me about because I have raised a number of issues with Honda Siel Cars India regarding the premature failure of my Honda City’s clutch and flywheel. Second, I asked her as to why doesn’t she call the dealer to check whether he called me or not before calling me. I guess Honda executives think that calling the customer at every opportunity they get to ask frivolous questions is a way of building relationships with the customer. I thought at least that the Japanese companies would undertstand how to build relationship with their customers but I am disappointed.

Then I asked her if she was part of the rented call center of Honda or was Honda Cars India running its own call center as I wanted to find out from her why I have not received any reply to my numerous mails. As soon as I asked her the question, she abruptly terminated the call. Is Honda running a two way communication center or is it just one way.

Since I cannot talk to Honda executives about the failure of Honda City Clutch and flywheel (Their company’s policy is not to allow its executives to speak to the customer) then why should Honda executives call me on my cell any time they want to.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Mr. Masahiro Takedagawa
President & CEO
Honda Siel Cars India Ltd.
Plot No. A-1, Sector 40/ 41
Surajpur-Kasna Road
Greater Noida Indl Dev Area
Distt. Gautam Budh Nagar, 201 306

Subject: Stop HondaOne2One from calling me

Dear Mr. Takedagawa:

I wish to inform you that I am a dissatisfied customer of yours. The clutch and flywheel of my Honda City burnt within 30,000 km of running and I had to spend Rs. 20,000 to fix it. On your advice, dealer has informed us that it is my fault. Anyway, you will hear from me on this issue separately.

The reason for writing this letter to you is that I would appreciate if you could ask your people at HondaOne2One to stop calling me on my cell phone to ask irrelevant and frivolous questions. They want information from me which should be easily available in dealers and your records. When you ask them question, they abruptly finish the conversation. In addition, when you want to speak to some one who can make a decision, they say that talking to anyone else is not possible as it is company’s policy.

Considering the following, I am surprised at what Honda Siel Cars India and it executives think of customers and their time:

(a) Honda executives who do not have any authority can call the customer on his mobile any time but the customer cannot call them as it is against company policy. Do you think that we are not busy people?

(b) Since I cannot talk to senior Honda executives regarding my problem, then I also don’t want them calling me on my cell. I had specifically mentioned in my email that no one from Honda should call me but Aparna from HondaOne2One still called me yesterday from telephone no. 4560 3300. Please note that this is invasion of my privacy.

(c) I have sent a number of mails at customer relation email id and even addressed one to Mr. P Chakravarty (GM-Service) but I have not received any response. Now does Honda think that its executive’s time is more important than that of its customers. They can call on customer’s mobile any time but they don’t have the time to even acknowledge a dissatisfied customer’s email.

I would like to inform you that whatever Honda may think of its customers, they are busy people. As such, I would appreciate if you could ask your people at HondaOne2One not to call me on my mobile regarding anything. Only a senior Honda executive at the level of general manager can call me. I do not want HondaOne2One call center executives calling me and wasting my time.

I think the name HondaOne2One is misleading as one can have only one way communication contrary to what the name implies. I think the name should be changed to OneWayHonda.


Avinash Narula

I have heard that Japanese decision making process is slow but I am surprised that they do not even want to send a automated acknowledgement to my emails. I suggest that you think twice before buying a Honda Car as you may not get any response from them when you do have a problem.

On top of this, today I read in Economic Times that Honda wants to sell its Jazz to existing customers. But Honda Car India should realize that existing customers have to be satisfied. With clutch plates and flywheels getting burnt at 30,000, I am not sure how many people I will recommend Honda City to.

In case you can think of some other name option for HondaOne2One, do let me know.

Avinash Narula

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