Honda doesn’t want to talk to its dissatisfied customers

I have been keeping you guys posted with all the developments with respect to my Honda City complaint to Honda Siel Car India. I had mentioned earlier that I have sent customer dissatisfaction cards developed by me to the president & CEO and GM-Service. But as expected, I have not received a response from any of these executives or anyone else.

However, I did get a call from the Customer Service Head of Prime Honda, the dealer. He wanted to know if my complaint has been resolved with Honda Car India.

It seems that Honda car India does not like dealing with the customer. It only deals with its customers through the dealers. This may be cost effective for Honda Siel Car India but this policy it is certainly not customer freindly for various reasons. One, we have all come across dealers who would like to save time, effort and money while dealing with customer complaints. They are more liable to give standard responses to the customer. I am not saying that this is the case with Prime Honda because they did return the service/labour charges back to me. Dealers are not known to suffer financial loss to settle a customer complaint. For instance, Prime Honda will not replace my clutch and flywheel free of cost. Honda Siel Car India has to come into the picture. Two, without interacting with dissatisfied customers, Honda Siel Car India will not understand or get to know the problems associated with its products and services or evaluate dealer’s performance. Third, Just getting forms filled to assess dealer’s performance is not the right way. Believe me, as I have extensive experience with managing and developing dealers. Without hands on approach, you could be living in a fool’s paradise. One has to meet customers, both those who are satisfied and those who are not. Fourth, what about normal business courtesy. I thought the Japanese are the masters at building relationships. But this is a strange way. Neither do they respond to all the issues nor do they resolve the complaint quickly.

Anyway, as mentioned before I will continue to use my customer dissatisfaction cards to resolve my complaints. As such, I am sending the cards again to these executives as per details given below:

1. The customer dissatisfaction card I am sending to Mr. Masahiro Takedagawa, President & CEO of Honda Siel Car India is titled ” I can get you more customers.” The message on the card is as follows: “Mr. Takedagawa: Hi! This is to inform you that my complaint regarding clutch and flywheel burning at 30,000 km still remains unresolved. i received a standard response from Jaspreet which did not address the issues that I have raised. In any case, I did find the responsiveness of Honda in resolving customer complaints as very poor. I would appreciate if you could look into the matter. You probably know that a satisfied customer is your best salesman.”

2. The customer dissatisfaction card I am sending to Mr. P Chakravarty, GM-Service of Honda Siel Car India is titled ” 1=12, Beware of the dissatisfied customer!” The message on the card is as follows: “Mr. Chakravarty: Hi! I regret to inform you that my complaint regarding clutch and flywheel burning at 30,000 km has not been resolved. Till now nobody ahd addressed the various issues I have raised. It is realy surprising that a company like Honda ignores its customer’s complaints. I would again request you to look into the matter and resolve my complaint.”

Now let us see if these reminders get me a proper response from Honda Siel Cars India.

Avinash Narula

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Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your plight as I just got off the phone with a Honda rep. It seems that all they care about is the initial sale and are not at all concerned about the quality of their products or the money that their customers must dish out to fix their quality issues. I’m in the process of seeking a higher authority to address my problem. I hope you find satisfaction in your journey as I imagine we’re both in it for the long haul.



I have the same issues with Honda an despite sending numerous emails, I only get a reply from their customer care reps and that too once in a while. I have requested to be provided the email id of senior management team of HSCI and also that of the CEO so that I can highlight my issues to them but to no avail. I am planning to move to consumer court and also sending it to media.

Can you pls help me in sharing the contact details of some senior bosses at HSCI?


Ajay Wadhwa
Ph#: +91 9910346564


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