Honda City’s Clutch & Flywheel get burnt at 30000 km. Could the car have caught fire?

The clutch and flywheel of my Honda City failed/burnt at 30,000 km. I could not believe this. I have driven cats all my life, but never had to replace the flywheel because it got burnt even once. I am very unhappy with Honda and its quality. I am giving below step by step what is happening to my complaint with Honda Car India and I will keep you guys posted about the developments. Lets see how Honda maintains / build relationship with its customers.

The dealer had given me all the reasons why it could be my fault. In my complaint, I tried to address all the reasons and suggest why it cannot be my fault. Apart from my logic given in my complaint, what my argument is that if the clutch system of the Honda City was so sensitive, then Honda Car India should have warned us about the sensitiveness about the clutch and also demostrated to us how differently one should drive Honda City as compared to other cars.

July 10, 2009 – The day I complained
This email was sent to both the dealer (Prime Honda) as well as the customer relations department of Honda Cars India.


My Honda City DL7CF 1920 has run just 31,000 km and yesterday we had to replace the clutch as well as the flywheel. I feel that this should not have happened. I have been using cars all my life and we never had to replace a flywheel ever. Some of the cars used by us were even 7/8 years old and extensively used but never had to change a flywheel. We never had to replace a clutch plate within 30,000 km. I feel that this is a quality problem which should be addressed and I would like a refund of the money spent by me on parts etc.

In order to save time, I would also like to address some the reasons that you may give:

(a) Out of warranty: I know the vehicle is out of warranty. This is not a warranty issue. This is a quality issue. Its like saying that Honda City chassis has cracked within 30000 km and that nothing can be done because the vehicle is out of warranty. In a reasonable quality car, clutch and flywheel doesn’t need changing after just 30,000 km.

(b) Rash driving: Our car is not driven rashly. We have lived in US for 10 years and I can say that our driving habits are better than most people in this country.

(c) Driver driving: Owners of most expensive cars have drivers. So if this is the reason, a failure of clutch plates and flywheel should be very high in your cars. Do let me know if this is true.

(d) Electronic System: Since the clutch is a electronic based system, the probability of this happening reduces further as the software can be programmed to avoid use of clutch if the car is under accelerated.

I would also like to state that when I asked the dealer to take up this matter with the company, they wanted me to file a complaint by sending them or you an email as they said that this is the system. I don’t see why this should be done when I have spoken orally with a senior manager Mr. Avinash Ladd at Prime Honda. This is duplication of work for the customer. In fact, according to me failing of clutch and flywheel after just 30,000 km should be of concern to you as it reflects on the quality of your cars. Such a defect should be automatically reported to the company and the customer made whole through appropriate corrective action.

I would appreciate if you can look into the matter and refund us the value of repairs done in this regard.


Avinash Narula
Merx Equity Marketing & Advertising Pvt. Ltd. (Delhi)

July 11, 2009 – A reminder was sent
This email was sent to both the dealer (Prime Honda) as well as the customer relations department of Honda Cars India.


I regret to inform you that I have not even received an aknowledgement of my complaint. I do not even know whether you have received my complaint or not.


Avinash Narula

Response received by the dealer

Dear Avinash Ji,

Kindly refer to our telecon on the subject on Jul 10th . We would look into the repair history and would revert to you early next week . In the mean time , kindly bear with us.



July 13, 2009 – A call received from Honda Car India call center after 3 days!

To: Customer Service Manager (Honda Siel Cars)

I received a call from your customer care call centre asking me the following questions in response to my complaint:

(a) Which dealership of Prime Honda did I get the car repaired.
(b) When did I purchase the vehicle.

It is surprising that you are calling me to ask these questions. The answers are available at your dealership. In my complaint, I have also mentioned the name of Mr. Avinash Ladd who could have given all the details.

Now when I asked this gentlemen (I think his name was Saurav) to give me the name of Honda Customer Care Manager as I wanted to write to him about this, he refused to give any information. Now it is surprising that anybody representing Honda can call me on my cell while I cannot even get the concerned executives name. As such, I would appreciate that no one from Honda Car (the company) call me on my cell. Dealer can call as they also accept my calls.

As such, if Honda Siel Car executives do not have the time to talk to its customers, then I also don’t want to talk to them.

I think I will also write to your Honda Siel MD and confirm from him as to whether it is the policy of Honda not to talk to its customers. If so, I will keep that in mind when I buy my next car.


avinash narula
A dissatisfied customer to whom you don’t want to talk to

I received a standard response from Honda Cars India

Dear Mr.Narula,

This is in reference to your mail send to us.

We regret for the inconvenience caused to you.

We are understanding the details of the matter from our dealership M/s Prime Honda, Ghaziabad and request you to kindly bear with us. In the meanwhile,we are advising our dealership to get in touch with you and address your concern.

For any further concern/query, please contact us at 1800-113-121or 011-39898918.

Assuring you the best of our services at all times.


Jaspreet Singh
Customer Relationship Management
Honda Siel Cars India., Ltd.

July 15, 2009
Prime Honda, Honda dealer, rejects my complain and blames us for the clutch and flywheel getting burnt.

I didnt expect anything better. They did what most manufacturers do.

Dear Avinash Ji,

Kindly refer to your concerns regarding clutch of your car DL 7CF 1920 and
our earliar mail of Jul 11th.

At the outset we sincerely regret the inconvenience caused.

The examination of the clutch plate and the flywheel reveal severe burning
marks which suggest to clutch over riding. Unlike the old cars where the
clutch was wire operated/mechanical, the honda cars have a hydraulic clutch
which is comfortable in use.Over riding of the clutch would result in
burning . Since there is no manufacturing/quality issue in the clutch plate
and the fly wheel, we regret to inform that their replacement on FOC is not
possible.We seek your understanding of the matter.

Assuring you of our best services at all times,


Avinash Lad
Sr Mgr-Qlty Services & CRM

Have you noticed that they didn’t address any of the issues that I had raised. For instance, there is no logic as to why the flywheel should get burnt. I believe that the flywheel burning could turn into a dangerous situation where the car could have caught fire. Now how many of you out there have had to change flywheels at 30,000 km?

So I suggest, you think hard before you buy a Honda City. Apart from being a financial pain, it could literally turn out to physical pain also.

I am planning to pursue this issue with Honda and will keep you posted.

Avinash Narula

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I am really worried about the quality of clutch provided by Honda City VXI cars. yesterday night I was stranded in middle of the road because suddenly my cluth failed and I am not able to engage the gear. This created traffic Jam and havoc on the road. My car is only 1.5 years old and run only 27000 km. Now the service guy says he has to replace the whole clutch assemblyset. It’s really rediculus to have such a horrible situation after buying HONDA cars.


I am facing the same issue. My clutch started giving a burning smell from 5000 km.

I have 2 other people living in my building who have the same issue with their Hondas.

Doesn’t Honda care?


Avinash Narula Reply:

bimal hi!

I am giving below the contact details of people in Honda. Please write to them and see if you can get your issues resolved.

1. Jaspreet Singh, CRM, Honda Siel Cars India Ltd. (

2. Mr. Masahiro Takedagawa, President & CEO, Honda Siel Cars India Ltd., Plot No. A-1, Sector 40/41, Surajpur-Kasna Road, Greater Noida Indl Dev Area, Distt. Gautam Budh Nagar 201306

3. Mr. P Chakravarty, GM-Service (same address as above)

You know I am thinking of establishing a website What do you think? Would you be willing to tell your story there?




anu malhotra Reply:

Hi Mr Narula,
I would really like to know whether you got any reply from the Honda Company.

My father’s Honda City EX has also had its clutch replaced recently and after that it has developed vibrations, noise and keeps moving in 2nd gear without acceleration (not only in the morning).

The dealer is helpful but not able to resolve the issues. Since you have The same car can you tell me whether you faced similar issues.

Its great that you have a forum like this .Thank You

Anupama Malhotra


I bought a Toyota Matrix last year, it has 17,000 miles on it and although I took it back to the dealers twick for grinding issues in fourth gear, the cltch and flywheel finally seized up, or burned out and they told me the same thing. They said there was nothing wrong with my hydrolic clutch, despite the fact that it had to be pushed all the way to the floor to work and still was grinding in fourth gear. Months later, this happens and it costs me over 15,00 dollars. The can was barely a year old and I hardly drove it. what can you do. i was told to hire a lemon lawyer, but i am afraid, I’ll just spend more money and end up with nothing but, empty pockets. I really want to just get rid of the car if it’ going to keep having these issues.


Hi Avinash,

I bought Honda City VXi in Jan 2009. It oly has 16000kms. Today, I sent the car for servicing. I got a call from the Pearl Honda service centre that Clutch plate is gone. On asking him about the warranty (since the car is still under warranty), his answer was that Clutch plate is not covered under warranty. I am shocked and disappointed. How is it possible that clutch plate is gone only after 16000 kms.



My car has completed 65000 KM in last 3.10 years now the clutch plate has gone bad. This is unexpected with brand like Honda.


hello sir i am a btech student.sir i want to know about the full description of the flywheel of honda city.


Hi Avinash, understood your concern & pain too, but I was just wondering as I’ve been using Honda City ZX model since past 5 years(60K Kms) now, and I’ve never faced any such problems so far, may be I’m the lucky one but now I’m concerned after reading this… Hope this doesn’t happen to me…


Hi All,

I also faced the same problem recently. I was on the Mumbai _Pune expressway , when my car stopped suddenly. When I went to Hall Mark Honda at Nerul, I have been given the estimates of Rs.19000 for clutch plates and flywheel?
I believe there is some serious issue with the flywheel and clutch plates.we need to raise the issue.


I have a honda city, done only 32000 kms and the clutch is dead!


Hi, I have a 2009 model Honda city. It has run only 14500 km and two days back, it’s clutch conked off. White field Honda (Bangalore), where I gave the car tells me that the clutch plate has got damaged due to half clutch driving. That My driving habit is not correct. Well….it seems I switch my driving habit when I drive Honda city. I have another car, faithful Maruti, which has run 45000 km, and no problem at all. Now how is it possible, that a person driving two cars, damages clutch of one but not the other??? Though it is called Honda city, but I don’t think it has been designed to be driven in heavy city traffic. It is a design problem, and Honda does not want to acknowledge it. Honda should be taken to consumer court for delivering low quality products to it’s customers. So many customers can not be wrong. I have been driving for last 20 years, and am being told that my driving is not proper. It is their car that is not designed properly and not our driving methods.



I have bought the new Honda City VMT in April 2011. It has run only 1160 Kms untill now . I prefer the smaller Santro while driving in Pune city. Last weekend, I made the first outing trip [Just 120 kms away from Pune] on Honda City. There was a lot of traffic jam in the mountains and had to use clutch quite often. After being stuck in traffic jam for about 10 minutes, we [my family and myself] could feel the burning smell, it became so unbearable that we had to open the windows. The smell was coming out for about 30 minutes or so and went away after I touched the smooth traffic road. Do you think the burning smell was due to cluth? I have driven santro for 11 years and clocked 70,000 Kms and never saw such issue. If just 10 minutes of half clutch driving can start the wear out of the cluth assembly in Honda, then hats off to the Japanese carmakers.


Hi avinash
I think u r lucky enough tat u changed only once but I had changed twice within 35000km the clutch of Honda is very very worst and in chennai the Honda service mans can’t find the actual problem wat ever we complaint I had a small problem when I been driving between 30 to40 km speed the car gets wobling Honda mans check the complaint and estimated 85000rs I was shocked and I went to private mechanic he drove it and said no problem sir jus it was a tyre problem replace the left alignment and check the balancing it will be k it really worked out Honda parts and Honda people both are waste


All of them are valuable, practical and entirely within budget! If not anything, our Professional Consulting practice will know where you can get started.Where do we begin, why aren’t we not already connected? All our services are geared towards you.


You really saved my skin with this infrmoation. Thanks!


Hi avinash,

Just bought a new Honda city sv mt petrol….I’ve drived only 350 kms..abnormal voice is coming in cabin…i pressed the clutch and voice was vanished…I am afraid now….I think same thing has happened to my car also…..Honda f……u..


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