Honda car executives want justification to satisfy its customers

In my earlier post, I had mentioned that Honda car service executive who called me wanted me to provide him justication as to why Honda should resolve my problem to satisfy me. His justification for not taking care of my complaint was as follows:

(a) My car was out of warranty.
(b) Clutch is a wearable part.
(c) It is my fault that the clutch and flywheel had burnt because I don’t know how to drive.

In my earlier posts as well as in my emails to the so called HondaOne2One (they should change the name), I have logically explained my counter reasoning for all the above three points. Finally, I have also told Honda car executives that they should show me what I am doing wrong while driving but they have admitted that they cannot prove that I was riding on the clutch. I have also asked them to try to drive the car by riding on the clutch because according to me a normal person (not drunk or drugged) would not be able to do so to reasons discussed in my earlier blog.

I have been thinking how I can provide the justification that Honda Car executives are looking for? By giving logical answers to their above three points does not seem to be good enough justification for them to satisfy a customer. The reason is very simple. They will have to spend approx. Rs. 17000 to reimburse me for the clutch and flywheel. Now we all know that no company wants to do that easily. In a way, they are right. Their bosses, accounts deptt. and the auditors will ask them what is the return on Rs. 17000 spent to satisfy a customer, that is, avinash narula. I realized my mistake. I am talking about their losing money. Now nobody likes losing money. I suddenly realized that I should focus on trying to tell them how satisfying a customer including me would save them money.

Unknowingly, I had been doing it by sending the customer dissatisfaction cards that I have developed. These cards are foccused on trying to convince and justify to the defaulting companies that they should take of their customers. I have sent Honda Car executives 4 cards but I have 24 of them. So I will again start sending them these cards. Maybe they will find the answer to how to justify spending money to satisfy a customer.

I am sending the following cards to Honda Executives:

1. The customer dissatisfaction card I am sending to Mr. Masahiro Takedagawa, President & CEO of Honda Siel Car India is titled ”I think you are sawing the branch of the tree on which you sitting?” The message on the card is as follows: “Mr. Takedagawa: Hi! I regret to inform you that my complaint about premature failure of clutch and flywheel has not been unresolved. Please note that there seems to be a problem with your clutch as there are other customers of yours who are facing the same problem. If you would like, I can send you their contact details. I am surprised that after sending you repeated communications, my problem has not been resolved. I am aware that you are heading a very large organization. I also know you are a busy man. I am sure you have more important issues to deal with than a dissatisfied customer. Still, I would appreciate if you could look into the matter.”

2. The customer dissatisfaction card I am sending to Mr. P Chakravarty, GM-Service of Honda Siel Car India is titled ” Defecting customers, cause of all your woes” The message on the card is as follows: “Mr. Chakravarty: I regret to inform you that my complaint of premature failure of clutch and flywheel has not been resolved. Prashant had called without knowing the details of the problem. Later Rajesh had called and wanted me to justify why Honda should replace my clutch and flywheel? If Honda wants justification to stand by the quality of its products, then I pity the customers who buy your cars. By the way, there are others who have similar problems. I guess they must be riding the clutch also. If you need their contact details, do let me know. I would sincerely appreciate if you could look into the matter and resolve my complaint. Put yourself in my shoes. What would you think if the clutch and flywheel of your car got burnt ar 30000 kms?”

Now let us see if these reminders get me a proper response from Honda Siel Cars India. I also hope that Honda would stop asking for justification to stand by their quality.

Avinash Narula

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First time I have seen your blog and what a great post that was!Remember the saying “Genius is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration”So once you have a great idea you have to work hard to turn it into a viable product that doesn’t just exist in your head.


It is better to read the terms and conditions before purchasing the car because many times we don’t care about such things which leads to misconceptions between the customers and dealers/company.


so did u get any response


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