Buy HP laptops at your own risk because tomorrow will never come

I have always maintained that companies do not treat their customer as “king.” They keep saying it but they do not walk their talk. I had problems with HP Laptop and it took quite an effort for me to get justice. I have talked about this in brief in the “Tips” section of my website or for complete details you can read my book “Customer Icebergs.” I had used an innovative ploy, that is, I had made a request to HP (Hewlett Packard) that I would like to return the laptop to the HP CEO along with my family and that we will not say a word. We will just leave the “lemon” laptop with him so that he can realize what kind of product he was selling. Ultimately, my problem was resolved but they tried every trick in the trade to avoid settling my problem. But I am a persistent guy.

Now I have received emails from Tarun jain who is having problems in getting his complaint resolved. On Sept 18, 2008, he sent an email to Moyitryee of HP his following complaint regarding Micro Clinic laptops:

–delayed service (more than a month),

–faulty diagnosis,

–closing service request without correcting the fault and without information to me,

–and, no coordination after repeated calling

Obviously Tarin Jain was a frustrated man. He received a response from Moyitreyee of HP on the same day which stated “As discussed, after confirmation from management we can go ahead with the warranty extension for maximum 3 months understanding the delay in the reddressal of the case. The warranty extension letter would be confirmed to you by tomorrow EOD.”

Well, I am not surprised that Tarun Jain has not received his warranty extension confirmation till date. It has been more than a month. Now this is the response HP is giving to a customer who had already been through hell trying to get his laptop repaired.

I think I have an idea of what Tarun should do. Earlier, I had suggested that he send some of the complaints cards to HP CEO which I have developed to convince them to act fast but he did not take any action. I will suggest another Gandhigiri idea. Tarun should send a “dictionary” to HP CEO with a letter stating that he should look up the meaning of word “tomorrow” because it seems that for HP employees “tomorrow never comes.”

I have also stated in my writings that companies take customers for a ride because we are not united. All the customers need to get together and stop buying HP laptops so that it hurts HP’s sales and bottomline. Only then they will understand that customer is really the “king.”

So lets all of us unite together and take the following actions:

(a) Send this post as email to all your friends, family, colleagues and even your enemies. Ask them top forward it to their friends, family and colleagues. Let us spread the word about the poor quality and service of Hewlett Packard.
(b) Don’t buy HP laptops.
(c) If anyone has a complaint regarding HP laptops, post it on the website After getting all the complaints, we will see what action we need to take to make HP listen to us.

It funny but do you know that HP actually has a guy whose designation is “Manager-Total Customer Experience.” I am not joking because I had the opportunity to even talk to him. What total experience are they talking about? They can’t seem to have the capability of sending a simple standard letter of warranty extention.

Lets see if we can get justice for Tarun Jain. Don’t ignore this as you could be next on HP’s hit list.

Avinash Narula

Oct 14, 2008

Hi Moyitreyee,

It’s been almost a month when you committed to send a warranty extension letter to me, but I have not received it till now. It’s a matter of deep disappointment, that HP is full irregularities form top to bottom. I settled for a 3 month extension at that time for the trouble caused during service for my personal laptop. This has crossed the limits now and I won’t settle with that extension.

Board of Directors HP: I regret that I was needed to mark you for this matter, but I would request you to go through the mail appended below. There has been delay and irresponsible conduct through out. One of my friends who owns an NGO for consumer rights (marked in this mail), told me he has got many complaints about irresponsive conduct of HP India.

I request you all to improve your services, and provide us appropriate compensation for the trouble caused.



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Higher management is not aware in HP what is happening at entery level they see the DATA ( customer satisfaction )provided my lower people. And we have to struggle with this dirty peoples only. If the reality goes to Hire Management this kind of peoples might me sacked because truth is that not a single company in world want his customer to struggle. So my suggestion is that If you face this kind of issue Please go till Country Head without waiting one month give them max a head is T.G.Suresh Babu


Ramesh has commented that the top management is not aware of the poor service that HP’s customer care is providing. The problem is that it is difficult to reach the top management. I could not reach the CEO of Hewlett Packard (HP). HP preferred to do repairs worth Rs. 23,000 free on my laptop rather than let me meet the CEO. Also, I had talked to the secretary of the CEO. She also didn’t let me meet the CEO or talk to him. after I put pressure on her, she put pressure on her colleagues in customer care to resolve the problem.

I have had a number of experiences where the CEO just doesn’t bother. Sometimes they don’t even bother to send a standard template response. Ford Motor company has a policy that its CEOs do not talk to dissatisfied customers.

Actually, in my next book I am proposing that taking care of the customer should be thr primary responsibility of the CEO. The customer is the most valuable asset and protecting it should be his responsibility.

However, I agree with Ramesh that we should not stop complaining and escalate it to the highest level including the CEO.

Avinash Narula



I have similar problems with what you have written above. But I am unable to contact HP,MD, India which is now Neelam Dhawan. Please let me know how to contact her.Kindly send me the contact number of HP laptops responsible person or any other higher authorities.


Replacement of HP Pavillion dv2122TU Laptop S/No 2CE7051VS8 P/No. RQ135PA

1. I have purchased above said laptop on 04/05/2007 from GEONET IT MALL, Mumbai.

2. It is very sad to say that the day I have purchased the laptop as it was unsatisfactory so, so many hardware parts have been changed by their engineer. At present it is lying unservicable and out of use.

I am facing various problems like the problem in the hardware of Bluetooth,BIOS, Hard Disk, RAM, problem while unable to access the Internet with bluetooth, unrecognised USB’s. Sometimes while working with the laptop, it gets automatically switched off and again restarts itself, etc.

3. when I have visited their various centers for services, they have kept the laptop for service for more than a month and again after using it the same problem arise. Here I assure that I have to visit their service centers for more than 10 times and it could not rectified. I feel so that this laptop is an headache for me.

4. Keeping in above you I have purchased care pack also with an HP CARE PACK SERIAL NO. – G1NPIN027466 with an expiry date on 28/05/2009.

5. But it is very sad to say that recently I have visited HP Horizons Center, Karnal(Haryana,India). They have charged Rs. 550/- to solve my bluetooth problem stating that this is not a hardware problem and it is a software problem but they could not solve the above said problems.
Again I have visited them and this time they told me this is an hardware problem and as per stated in JOB Card they have changed the bluetooth device but the problem still persists.

6. I was provided with a free gift of HP Tv Tuner card with this laptop. I further assure you even though this is not working till date.

7. a laptop worth Rs. 53,400/- + a care pack worth Rs. 6,250/- and so many times amount spent to visit your various centers + various phone calls made to your HP Customer Care, did not satisfied me be your customer.

8. I have also emailed you earlier too on the email id: but till date no response was made from this side.

9. Sir, Kindly send a very suitable engineer to my residence as I am being fed up by visiting your various service centers number of times so that he should identify that this laptop is not serviceable and recommend it for replacement with new one.

10. Sir, Please replace my laptop with new one so that I should not face above problem in near future. Hope you will provide us with the better customer service.


am also facing the same ,its seems that am the next on the hit list of hp.

my complaint is also about delayed services and the work done is not proper.

one month ago my hp tx1218au notebook was giving some display problem. i take it to hp to get it repair . they said the motherboard is going to change . and changing it they took more then one one month.
on 16-11-08 i gave it to them and i received it on 23-12-08.while taking they said it will take only one week .

so after getting it repaired when get it back from repair center.another problem started now it was the keyboard problem .the key board were not working properly.the another day (on 24-12-08) i take it to them again they said that the keyboard will change.when i call them on 29-12-08 they say that keyboard has been changed but still giving same problem so your motherboard will change.

one month ago they have fitted a new motherboard now again they say the motherboard will change.

now i am fed up of getting my laptop repaired.
i have registered some complaints to them on but i have not got even a single reply.

i have also emailed them to replace my laptop with a new one.but as same i have got zero reply from their side.

please help me.

am also facing the same problem as above


I also purchased HP Pavillion DV5-1015tx notebook on Sep 13 within a month the screen started showing problems of flashing automatically periodically. A month after submitting the laptop at customer service centre i fortunately got a DEFECTIVE ON ARRIVAL certificate. But unfortunately another piece to exchange with was unavailable. Unavailable even in INDIA.

Till date the laptop hangs in to get exchnged and the HP guys can’t tell when the product will be available.

I tried to contact Mr. Harris Haedry: 08025633555, but he seems to be bunking his office since friday, then miss Shikha Gupta:01242726541 gave me number of Shivani Gogna: 08025041020, but she too seems to have been on bunking vacation with Harris. :p

As for today is 5pm so i hv to wait till tomorrow morning 9:30 to get back to contacting HP guys again …

The after sales service is very pathetic so far HP is concerned.


Avinash Narula Reply:


I didn’t know that there were so many people who were having trouble with HP (Hewlett Packard) laptops. I think everybody who is having trouble with HP laptops should do what I did to get justice.

Also, I had suggested to a visitor on this blog to send them “Customer Complaint Cards” which I have developed. You can have a look at the cards at Lets do some Gandhigiri and see if we can get some results.

I am surprised that HP has not come across your complaints across on this blog as I thought they would also be monitoring the Internet just like Singapore Airlines. However, let the complaints keep coming in. Maybe HP will wake up one day.

Avinash Narula


Neelam Dhawan her email id should be:


Recently I had some bad experiences with HP. Read the story here.

It is surprising that HP laptop servicing is very bad most of the times.


Sir ,
I purchased COMPAQ Laptop (V3402TX) Sr.No 2CE7314074, Model No GJ178PA from M/s Vijay Sales Prabhdevi mumbai for my son since then laptop has been repaired 5times at Bangalore,Hubli(Karnataka) and New Mumbai. Surprisingly four times same problem of mother board and HP Services are not able to identify the problem of replacement of Mother Board and now the warranty is expiring on 25th April.I have rquested the HP office at Vile Parle (E)to replace the laptop but till date no response is there from there side. Pl advise further coarse of action
Thanking u
Ajit N


Avinash Narula Reply:

Ajit hi!

I am sorry that you are also having problems like others with your HP laptop. We have been getting a number of complaints about HP laptops. I have mentioned earlier what I did to get just justice from HP. You can try the same.

Also, I had suggested to a visitor on this blog to send them “Customer Complaint Cards” which I have developed. You can have a look at the cards at You can do some Gandhigiri and see if we can get some results.

It seems that HP is also not monitoring the Internet like Singapore Airlines. However, let the complaints keep coming in. Maybe HP will wake up one day.

Anyway, we will be sending your complaint to HP. However, since the problem seems to be quite serious, I am thinking that I will send a hard copy of this blog and send it to the CEO of the company. I think I will do that tomorrow. Maybe the CEO has the customer in mind.

Avinash Narula


Un imaginable product and worst experienced experience. All should form a group to sue HP fpr cheating Indians. my mail reproduced
Hello Mr.Prabhat,
We regret the delay and inconvenience.
We are working closely with our logistic team to procure the ordered part against your reported issue and shall update the progress by EOD.
From: Col PK Chaturvedi []
Sent: Thursday, January 15, 2009 1:40 PM
To: Moyitreyee, Banerjee
ID 2605095172 DATED 7.1.09 MODEL NC 8230 LAPTOP SER CNU 1607Y6
Dear madam,
I want to escalate to highest level. all parts exept outer case every thing
is changed more than once. either you look into or I do for poor product.
enough is already expressed.
1.Refer id 2605088279 dt 7.1.09- till date no one has physically attended
and seen my laptop complaint from epfo bhikaji delhi-66
2. digitech sdar-6504 case 2217164019 dt 11.03.08-annop
3. digitechsdar 5397 dt 8.3.08 fahid
4. axis computech dt 15.4.08 sanjay
5. digitech sdar 7144 dt 22.4.08
6. axis 2600897881 dt 12.5.08
7. axis 2.6.08 farooq
8. axis 260171519 dt 4.6.08 vikas
9. axis 5.6.08vivek
10.axis sn 6001 dt 10.6.08axis 12.6.08
11.axis 14.6.08
Col PK Chaturvedi
Chief Engineer
Employees’ Provident Fund Organization
(Ministry Of Labour)
14 Bhikaji Cama Place
New Delhi-110066, INDIA
Ph: 91-11-26172674
Fax: 91-11-26192008


i bought a dv6000z laptop (oct 2006) In USA , it suddenly (1 year later) didn’t startup any more, three beeps sounds appears suddenly , i contacted hp and after many chat sessions , i had to sent the laptop from colombia in order to be repaired, I have to wait 3 weeks while laptop will be fix it, according with service center report mother board and keyboard was replaced completely, when i got the laptop in colombia (paying for delivering), it works for 8 months (october 2008), tired of fight with your service center i gave up to contact hp abut my problem,

Now, last week i contact again an they say the extended warranty was over (in fact i didn’t know it was existing).

in short, I feel hp stolen may money, i am a developer i use my laptop all day , every day on weeks, you can imagine how much money i spent trying resolve this situation, i have to buy a Toshiba laptop and its working well.

how is posible get a laptop change your board and 8 months after the same exactly problems happens again !!, Are hp laptop disposables ? Are those laptops unable to work 8 hours at day.

I don’t know who complaint about this situacion with yet, but as soon as I know i going to complaint .

From my point hp stole my money, and I going to make everything posible for anybody buy a laptop from hp including me.

There is no respect, i spent US1100 and now i don’t have nothing,


Hi this is Srini from India, Mr. Mark its been more than 10 days that I have bought it to your notice that I have been cheated by one your adverstisement, I have a purhcased a compaq laptop with serial numer CND84547JL and was promised that i will get a Kodak camera free, my redemption code is 2M6Q3EG8WJ, I have taken a printout after doing web redemption which clearly says that my laptop is eligible for the redemption and the last date of eligibility is 12th Jan and my Invoice date is also the same. As per the terms n conditions I have sent INR.1299 to HP Redemption Cell towards handling charges. But I got an email saying that I am not eligible which absolutely incorrect. Request your intervention and help me in getting the camera.


harris mobile no. is 9886426284. you should call him on all odd hours. i personally feel that the gentleman should be awared the MOST INEFFECIENT WORKER IN INDIA ….. on second thought that is the reason why hp has him as the escalation manager.


Recently I had some bad experiences with Hp.

It is surprising that HP laptop servicing is very bad .


Avinash Narula Reply:


Thanks for your comment. I think HP (Hewlett Packard) should stop selling laptops as there are a lot of complaints. Their printers are good as I have using their printers for the last 15 years and never had a complaint. They are sullying their reputation by selling laptops.

I hope all prospective buyers of laptop are listening. Please don not buy HP Laptops.

Avinash narula


Indeed HP is just playing fraud with its low quality laptops and POOR customer CARE SERVICE
For me too Nightmare began with Purchase of HP Pavilion tx 1006AU.
The said Notebook was submitted for motherboard replacement on 9 feb 2009.
And till now no response from customer service about when the laptop will be repaired.
To the Horror the Service center professional talked rudely and was unconcerned when told to report his misbehavior to higher official. Seems like HP India is wholesomely a rotten organization/company .
Something serious has to be done.
I am still waiting for my laptop since I purchased its very unhelpful so called “extended warranty” Package.
Also thinking for some legal action coz when told HP of legal action they still seemed unfettered from their stand for continuously providing poor services. I am also searching for Email address of HP CEO and its head in India.,,but couldn’t get the email address so far as HP Website is so unhelpful in that.
Can any one plz help in that.
Every Day I promise to myself and tell others – Never ever buy HP product especially its Laptops.
Thanx Mr Avinash for opening this blog for all Us , now I know I am not alone. But seriously How long we all will be sitting ducks like this and HP India will be blackmailing for our hard earned money, our data and and our precious time most importantly peace of mind?




WOW… and here I thought I was the only person to be put to the “TEST” by HP!! I had to send by computer to HP THREE TIMES before they fixed it correctly.

And trying to deal with the case manager is a trial all by itself. Now that the laptop is finally fixed, I am trying to get an invoice for the work. Here again, an impossible task, in that the only one that can do that for me is my case manager, and after two weeks of calling, I haven’t heard from him.

So… in addition to poorly made products, the customer support… to put it plainly, SUCKS!!

I will NEVER, EVER, buy an HP laptop again!


Avinash Narula Reply:

mike hi!

thanks for your comment.

I have received so many complaints for HP laptops that I am thinking of sending a mail to whoever I can that they should stop buying HP Laptop.

On the other hand, there is no complaint on their printers. I have been using HP printers for a long time and never had a complaint. I think they should stop manufacturing laptops.

avinash narula


Dear Friends,

I really agree with the complaints listed above.I am a unhappy customer of HP lap tops.I bought one of the Hp Pavillion dv5000 from Oman.Once i came back from Oman my laptop started having problem like all sorts now ended like keeping as paper weight.My father also bought one Compaq nc6000 came from same company, surprisingly the thing also got the problem of restarting and now its not functional.The other interesting fact is that we have to claim the AMC from the nation of purchase…so funny for that i think i have to be an Omani sitizen.There is no proper reply from the so…called authorised suppliers…I think…international brand with nationalized support teammmm…I got only one think to say to all…NEVER EVER GO FOR PURCHASE OF HP LAPTOPS…IT WILL MAKE YOU END UP IN TROUBLE AND LOSS OF MONEY.



I can help you!

Can you please share your contact details with me?



Avinash Narula Reply:

neha hi!

you can contact me at




It is said that the days have changed now n customers r treated as “king.” But, i doubt that HP follows any such saying.The way in which the customers are treated at HP is disgusting.
It is the worst service center i’d ever visited.The service center executives who are not supposed to be called to be executives even, are highly IRRESPONSIBLE and never keep up to their words, moreover they provide us with incorrect information regarding the progress of the product at the service center.
i don’t understand how can the senior level management so reluctant in taking care of it’s customers.

I’ve had such a bad experience with HP that i’d never ever think of purchasing any damn product of HP.
And no doubt “HP sucks big time”.

and HP people don’t think that customers are fool,if they have made u they can also mar u.


I am reproducing my email below to one Prathiba from HP who is leading by setting examples of bureaucracy for its dealers. The email will narrate my entire case and the horrendous experience that I have been through recently.

Prathiba is the Chennai Regional Service Coordinator and her email ID is

Ms. Prathiba

As you were quite insistent on having an email from me even when I was stuck up in a desperate situation, hence here it goes.

Hope you read the entire story. Even though you might find it lengthy and boring, it was a moment of extreme psychological stress for myself and my wife as we were going through the agony being “customers of HP”.

My laptop “Compaq Presario CQ40” with serial number CND9120DFF had developed a problem recently and was not booting. It was purchased in April 2009.

1. I searched for your authorized service providers on your own website and M/s.Mukesh Infoserve, Chennai was listed on it without any kind of clause which you were mentioning i.e. authorized either for warranty or out-of-waranty repairs. I approached them as it is nearest to my place. As seeing is believing, hence the link to your own website and the webpage is:

2. My wife, Amitha, handed over the laptop and charger to them on 12th Aug for diagnosis and necessary repairs. They explicitly asked whether the laptop is under warranty for which my wife stated that it is not as it is more than 1 year old. Hence, the repairs were supposed to be ou-of-warranty and on chargeable basis.
3. They (Mr.Giridharan) called me up on 13th Aug saying that the motherboard is faulty and they can do the needful for which it would cost me approx Rs.6,500. I told them to be sure of doing a proper repair and hence approved the repairing of the laptop.
4. On 17th Aug in the afternoon, they called me up and said that the laptop is ready. I asked them that I would like to have my old part back alongwith the packaging of the new HP part to be sure that the repair is genuine. Mr.Giridharan told me that he cannot give me the old part as it is “HP’s policy”. When I argued further, he said that I can take the laptop today after paying money and he would hand over the old part to me on the next day. I further insisted that for taking laptop on the same day, I shall atleast require the packing of the new part to be sure that it is a genuine HP part. By this time, I had started smelling foul play and asked my wife to reach the service provider to take physical possession of the laptop.
5. In the meantime, I tried calling on your toll-free helpline to know your policy. I first spoke to a female at around 4:30 pm and she refused to answer any of my questions withot a case ID. I didn’t have one because your service dealer told me that this is a “trade call” and hence there will be no “Case ID”. Subsequently when I insisted, she banged the phone rudely.
6. I again tried contacting your regional office in Chennai thru the link: Unfortunately nobody picked up the call at the 1st and 3rd Chennai offices and the contact numbers of the 2nd Chennai office i.e. Service Office are wrong. The webpage is attached herewith.

7. Subsequently, I caled up your helpline once more to get your office numbers and upon my repeated insistence, I received your mobile number.
8. By this time, my wife had reached your dealer and asked for the bill for payment. On the bill, your dealer wrote “Laptop Servicing = Rs.5,000” and “Total amount oincluding Service Tax = Rs.5515”. My wife insisted that a proper bill with the “Part number” and MRP of the part must be mentioned separately with labour charges. Mr.Giridharan flatly refused the same.
9. Upon my wife’s insistence he told her that they had replaced an IC on the Motherboard which I believe is not as per the service procedure for HP. Then I asked him why he did not replace the motherboard if that is a genuine HP part for which he had no answer.
10. Then I called you up and following was your response:
a. You asked me to send an email as you were too busy to look inot this case today.
b. Upon my insistence, you listened to my case and asked me the following questions:
i. Why did I leave the laptop with Mukesh Infoserve when he is not authorized for out-of-warranty repairs?
ii. Why did I not take it to your dealer, Maha?
c. When I asked you why your dealer did not educate me that he is not supposed to undertake out-of-warranty repairs, you had no answer for that and tried to put the blame on me that I had checked up the information from some wrong website.
d. Then you asked me to leave the laptop at Mukesh and it will be sent to Maha on the next day for proper repairs.
e. When I asked you that if any part other than the motherboard requires replacement when it goes to Maha then would HP take ownership of replacing that part at their own cost, you flatly refused.
f. When I asked you that as the laptop was now working after repair and that your authorized dealer had only repaired it hence what your reason was for not being able to stand guarantee for the same, you had no answer and said that your work timings are from 9 AM to 6 PM and that I was bothering you at 6:15 PM.
g. You also asked me why I did not apprise the case to you in the morning after which you rudely cut the call.
11. After that I lost all hope of support from HP and asked my wife to pay the money and take the laptop home.
12. As your dealer had understood that he had done improper repairs, he handed over the laptop on a “Non Returnable Delivery Challan” i.e. without bill/invoice without charging any money from my wife.

Now, I have following questions for you:
1. How do you expect your customers to know whether any of your service dealers are authorized or not authorized for ou-of-warranty repairs? Why isn’t the same mentioned on your website?
2. Is it not your and your dealers’ job to educate customers about what they are authorized and not authorized to do?
3. Why your office people do not pickup phones at 5 PM and why is the Service office phone number wrong on your website? (Hewlett-Packard India Sales Pvt.Ltd, Service Centre, Jeypore Hall, New No.241, Peters Road, Chennai – 600 086, Phone: (044) 39189602 / 39189603)
4. How can you put the blame on a customer if he is not aware of what your dealer is supposed to do?
5. Why did your dealer repair my latop in an improper manner i.e. by replacing an IC and not the motherboard itself?
6. What are your service norms? Are you not supposed to return the old part in the original packing to the customer? Is you dealer not supposed to bill separately for the part, as per MRP, and the labour as the the flat rate time? If you have option of not returning the part, should the dealer not explicitly take customers’ concurrence before undertaking the repair?
7. When your dealer is acting mischieviously, how do you expect me to leave the laptop for one more day with the same guy? With what confidence do I leave the laptop?
8. When you dealer has diagnosed the laptop with a problem, why are you unwilling to take responsibility of the same? I was ok with replacing motherboard at Maha and paying up for the same only? If your dealer replaces any other spoilt part overnight in my laptop and then Maha said that even that required rpelacement (other than the motherboard) then who is responsible for the same? Are you not? If not why not?
9. When you do not have control on your own dealer, why were you trying to put the blame on customer?
10. If I was seeking your help from 5:45 PM onwards then there was something grossly wrong for which I was requesting. Instead of understanding the situation how can you insist on an email from me (i.e. being bureaucratic) and rudely cut the call?

Your dealer quickly recognized the mistake which he had made and delivered the laptop without collecting the bill amount. I hope you too would have understood the situation the customer is in an tried to help out a customer rather than colluding with the dealer and deliberately trying to cover up mistakes.

With this experience, I feel sad to have purchased an HP product and vow not to touch one in the future.

But, I would expect your reply on the case and my above queries. I hope I can expect atleast this from you, though I did not get any sort of help from you. I sincerely hope that HP feels committed and answerable to their customers.

However, if HP doesn’t bother about customers I don’t mind even if you don’t reply to this email and if you disown this case.


“A tortured customer”


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