There are actually people who keep their word to customers

On Diwali, we bought a dining table from LifeStyle Furnishers, Kirti Nagar, New Delhi. The name of the salesperson was Diwaker Sharma. Before delivering the dining table, he called me and fixed a time for delivery. The dining table arrived bur need a little bit of touching. So I called him and he promised to send his people after couple days as he said they were busy with the Diwali rush. He told me that he will call me. I thought to myself, haven,t I heard that before. When have sales people called after making a sale. Well, I was surprised. Two days later he called me to set up an appointment so that his men could come and do the required touching up. It was a pleasant surprise that his people came on the appointed time and everything worked out smoothly.

I was very happy. After a long time I had purchased something without any hassles. I applaud people like Diwaker Sharma who treat customers as “King.” So if you want to buy furniture, give Diwaker Sharma at LifeStyle Furniture a call at 25150500. I am going to keep recommending LifeStyle Furniture to my friends, relatives and colleagues (maybe even my enemies).

Now we all complain but most of us do not appreciate the effort of people who serve us, the customer, as “Kings.” It is because of this that on my website, I provide you the opportunity to not only complain about poor service but also appreciate the good service. So if you have either a complaint about poor service or would like to appreciate the efforts of people who go out of the way to make your life as a customer happy, you know where to go.

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Rare these days indeed.


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