Experience New York. Buy Bestech property in Gurgaon.

I had purchased a flat from a builder in Gurgaon by the name of Bestech India in their Park View Residency complex. Today, I wrote a letter to their managing director which is given below. It is self explanatory.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Managing Director
Bestech India Pvt. Ltd.
Bestech House
124, Sector 44
Gurgaon, 122002

Subject: FLAT no. T1-701 – Park View Residency

Dear Sir:

1. They say that in New York one can get cheated, lied to, mugged and insulted all in one day. Well, I didn’t have to go to New York. I experienced it just buying a Bestech property.

2. Every time we wanted to visit your site for inspection, we were always treated poorly. One of your guys had the audacity to say that he cannot give a firm appointment and if he is there he will meet us otherwise bad luck. He expected me to come all the way from Delhi without a firm committment from his end.

3. I have been made to pay for excess super area without any measurement proof and 15 months earlier than what your contract provides.

3. I have been charged interest when it shouldn’t have been charged.

4. I have been told that “drainage facility outside the project is not in your control.” Since I cannot afford to buy a boat and also since all my family members cannot swim, I have realized that I do not fit into the upscale profile of Bestech property owner.

5. Taking the above into consideration, I have decided to sell the property even at a loss but your Mr. Jeevan would not let me do it without more of less insulting me. I wanted to know if I could sell the property now or that I can only sell the property after the registry. I was told that I should contact Mr. Jeevan. When I called Mr. Jeevan. he took my property number and suggested that I call back after 15 minutes as he has to look at the file. I suggested that he call me after he has had a look at the file but he preffered that I call him. Obviously, he is a very busy man and cannot call back a customer. I somehow forgot about how the process works. So I agreed to call him back.

When I called him after 15-20 minutes he didn’t answer the phone. I tried him a number of times and then ultimately he picks up the phone and says that he will call back. I told him that he made me waste my time calling him a number of times. He then calls me after 15-20 minutes and asks me to give him the property number which if you remember I had already given him. This is just amazing. Mr. Jeevan didn’t think that my time was important. This was realy insulting.

Well, I think I forgot to tell you that I am a customer of yours. Not that it should make any difference considering the reputation that builders have. After seeing your plush office, I thought maybe things have changed but my above experience suggests otherwise.

Now I have made a mistake buying one of your property. I apologize. I promise you that I will not make the same mistake again but I need your help to disassociate myself from you so that I do not trouble you again. I am just interested in selling the property and all I need to know from you is whether I can sell the property today by giving you the service charge or do I have to wait till the registry has been done in our name. I know that this is such a small matter and that Mr. Jeevan should have been able to resolve this matter quickly but unfortunately he is a very busy man. I didn’t know who else to approach but you. I hope you will forgive me for the mistake I have made and help me.

I forgot that builders do not require customers. I again sincerely apologize for becoming your customer.

Taking my experience with Bestech into account, I suggest that you refrain from buying any property from them unless you want to experience New York without going there.

More details about my experience later.

Avinash Narula

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pl contact

Mukesh Jain


Avinash Narula Reply:

mukesh hi!

Kindly let me know what this is all about.




Hi Avinash,

Did you get some resolution?

Unfortunately I recently purchased one flat there and facing lot of issues.




Thanks for taking time out for the post and our conversation.



Hi Guys,

Please suggest if the issues are resolved wrt Bestech Park View residency property. Some brokers have suggested it to me for purchase. Need your suggestion/guidance.


Avinash Narula Reply:

nitin hi!

regret for the delay in replying to you. I will not recommend Bestech property. Not only their quality is poor but also their service. In the end they will raise the super area without giving you any proof and take addtional 5-7% from you. I had to pay 2.5 lakhs more because they told us that the super area has gone up. I asked them to get a third-party architect measure the super area but they just ignored my request. Area is mathematics. It can be very easily measured. But they were not willing to do so. I feel cheated.

I am sorry but I have not been able to post all my problems with Bestech. Just buy some other property. After all, there are other builders in Gurgaon.


avinash narula


andela Reply:

While not disagreeing with you, but I think you will find that every single builder in Gurgaon does the same as far as increasing super area is concerned.
Problem is that people are willing to sign the agreement without asking these type of questions upfront. Hence they ignore anyone who raises the issue later.



I have also bought a flat and currently staying here for last 1 year now.

and Believe me. ITS THE WORST EXPERIENCE I would have ever thought about.

The society is good the ambiance is good but BESTECH SUCKS.

Their maintenance team people are dacoits in white.

They will eat up all your patience/Money/sleep/joys and not even take a burp! Dont know how big their stmuch is?

If someone from media, Please help us against BESTECH


Avinash Narula Reply:


I have filed a case in the consumer court. They have taken extra money for increase in super area from all of us without showing any proof. Also, they have taken this money one year before they are supposed to take. The contract says that any change in area will be determined on completion of construction and not when “construction is almost complete” as stated in their letter. Bestech has taken Rs. 2/3 lakhs extra from every flat owner illegally as they have provided no proof that the super area has increased and they have taken the amount 1 year earlier resulting in all of us losing interest. I suggest you also get some other flat owners involved and file a joint suit for refund of this money as well as interest.



Thanks for Sharing…….

Nice blog !!


Hi, nice blog and very informative



I booked a flat in Bestech sanskriti sec 92,gurgaon.due to some financial problem,non availability of funds I had to withdraw and applied for refund of my amount paid 1000000. to Bestech office couple of times but they r not answering anything.rather they r saying that my money has been forfeited. Plz help me out . Would highly appreciate ur response


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