Executives at Tatasky lie

I had earlier posted my experience with Tatasky when my wife and I wanted to watch Slumdog Millionaire. What happened after that is evident from the email I received from the COOO (I didn’t add the “O” by mistake. Its actually a designation.) and my response to him.

Dear Mr. Narula,

Greetings from Tatasky.

At the outset, I regret the inconvenience caused during the course of the movie booking.

The showcase movie charges of Rs.25/- debited towards Slumdog Crorepati has been reversed in the account. We are also happy to offer you a free showcase as a gesture of goodwill. You may enjoy the same within 30 days from today. This is a small gesture, and may not certainly mitigate the inconveniences you have undergone. However we hope you will accept the same.

As requested, the mobile number 9910408041 has been removed from the list of numbers to whom the promotional SMS is being sent.

The address as requested is as follows:

Tatasky Limited
Kirloskar Business Park
Bellary Road
Bangalore- 560024

We value you as our subscriber and assure you that your feedback has been taken in the spirit of continuous improvement.

Thank you for your patience, understanding and the opportunity to serve you.

Warm Regards

K V Anand
Chief Customer Operations Officer

The designation of KV Anand is what impressed me. I don’t know how many more “Os” Tatasky is planning to add to the designation. I think the “Os” should be read as ZEROs signifying ZERO Customer Service. Hey they could have a new positioning based on this.

Mr. Anand Hi!

Why is that people at TataSky lie? A gentleman had called me and he had promised me 3 things as follows:

(a) I will get a response to the questions raised by me in my first mail.
(b) I will get an apology letter from the CEO of the company and not the CCOO.
(c) Our telephone number will be removed from your database and you will not call us on our mobile.

None of the above has happened. If the gentleman who called me could not do certain things, he should not have made a committment to do so. Also, please note that on March 12, 2009, Chandrakanth from your Pune office called my wife at 11.03AM to sell her some scheme which you guys keep coming up with. The number he called from was 91202 702000. You are violating our privacy and it is illegal.

Lastly, we do not need your FREE movie. What I need to know is why you are not telling me how you deducted the payment from my account on false pretence. I had to spend a lot of time, effort and money to get this matter of cheating resolved with you. Who is responsible for wastage of my time?I hope you know that taking money from somebody is called stealing. Just because you have returned the money does not clear you guys of the cheating charge. You have to explain to me why I had to waste my time. Why was I debited with Rs. 25 when you didn’t have the capacity to show me the movie in English. The fact that you are not telling me the truth clearly suggests that you tried to CHEAT me and were caught.

Now as far your offer of a FREE movie is concerned, let me give you my counter offer. I will waste your time (a whole day) and for each day wasted, I will send you a cheque for the cost of watching a movie on TataSky. You and your CEO can decide on the number of days you guys want to waste. This way at least you will generate revenue honestly and not try to CHEAT your customers.

You know I have lot of interest in the subject of customer satisfaction but your designation is something new that I have come across. Chief Customer Operations Officer (COOO) certainly sounds powerful and interesting. But does the designation really mean anything? Can you answer some simple questions of a customer your organization tried to cheat? Can you compensate me for my wasted time (discounted amount Rs. 20,000)?

Sir, I would appreciate if could answer my questions or admit that you tried to CHEAT us.

Avinash Narula

This is Tatasky for you. Tata, a name we all think we should trust. I am just surprised as to how the people at Tatasky can pay salaries to to people with such high sounding designations and then try to cheat their customers for just Rs. 25. Also, I can guarantee you that KV Anand would not have the required authority to satisfy me.

I think I will write to Shri Ratan Tata to let him know how his companies are trying to make money by cheating people.

Avinash Narula

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good one. when I was in India I too noticed how companies (supposedly reputed ones) cut bit and pieces here and there with NO regards to ethics, or inflate bills, it may be small amounts but cheating is cheating… maybe because they can get away because most customers are poor and uneducated and unaware of their rights. Privacy issues are a laugh… not everyone follows American ethics even though they read American books, and Hey, can speak inglish!!!
Even some Americans in America cheat for that matter, but that doesn’t justify cheating…


i got my conection on last monday on 20th dec. the lady Vijeta who took the request promised me that connection would be done within 48 hours. but i gave her date on 24th for installation.

today in the morning i called up to find out 1st person promised me that sme1 senior wud call it didnt happen, nexct it was gaurav who promised that within 2 hours sme1 will call it didnt happen.
after 2hrs i called up again to speak to amit, who seem to understand my frustration i had demand
1. give me compensation or
2. pay me back my money for delay right away or
3. get a set top box from local dealer and give me connection right away, he said that he cant honor any of my demand he put the line to Ms vandana, who promised me that by 4pm 2day sme will call and resolve the issue. which didnt happen , when i called up at 4:20pm i was transferred to Ms Anita who banged the fone without hearing my complain.
later some other lady promised me that my connection would be disconnected the no. was 1-8672566325.

i want to understand
1. why do you promise if you cant deliver
2. why your people run away from client who are upset
3. do you think you are making TATA’s very proud??


Dear TATA Sky Mgt.,here is a painful experience of mine with TATA Sky service in Orissa.I am a PSU Oil Company employee ,working in Bharat Petroleum Corpn.Ltd. and also I am a TATA Sky subscriber since last more than two year at Ajmer, Rajastha with subscriber no.1043583929 .At Ajmer there has been no problem in getting good service till 20.05.2011 from TATA Sky service providers. However, on 21st May11, I got shifted to Rourkela in Orissa after my transfer from Ajmer and here I put a request ref.1-10280217224 for reinstalling TATA Sky facility. In response, your service provider visited home on 27.05.2011 and installed the disc, set-up box & completing equired cable connections.But, while testing the facility, they failed to restore signal in the system and left with half done work. Since 27.05.2011, I have been in regular contact with your service provider at Rourkela ( One fellow named Vishal Mobl-9776154077) who is least bothered to customer calls.Moreover, your service provider is not equiped with proper signal detecting facilities which can identify the proper place of installing the disc to receive 100% signal and in our case they have put the disc at staircase room wall which is comming under shadow of a coconut plant in the premises.Since then I had already made 2 complaints to your TATA Sky customer care no.4066006633 ,with compl ID-1-10345070401 . In another complaint, your customer care fellow, disconnect the line after noting the complaint and before confirming me the complaint no.

The current status of my TATA Sky facility is as under :

*TATA Sky Subscriber Name/No- Hemanta Kr Jena, No.1043583929
*Complaint made for no signaling & non working of TATA Sky system: On 2 occassions & ref compl no.1-10345070401 & one Mr.Mahendra in customer care was on line.
*Present Status- The facility is not working and no signal is being received at TV end from TATA Sky system since 27.05.2011.
*Response by Service Provider ( Vishal Mobl-9776154077)& Customer care of TATA Sky- extremely poor and can’t be imagined such hopeless inaction & it is just tarnishing a good Brand value of TATA as well as reflecting the poor selection of non professionals as service provider in the system of a good Company.
*Presently, I am just living without any TV network as your system is not working and I am sending this as a reminder and also as a customer feedback with an expectation that I shall get some positive respnse from TATA Mgt. and have some quick solution to the problem.

Your system has already deducted required installation cahrge from my TATA Sky a/c without restoring service and also my a/c balance is getting reduced without using your facility. As a customer, I can demand proper service from you against my money that I am paying to TATA Sky. I solicite a quick response from your end and expect for an immediate solution to the problem inorder to avoid any legal complicay.

Thanks & Regards…..

Hemanta Kumar Jena
TATA Sky Sub.no.1043583929
Plot No-LL-15
Civil Township,


dear tata sky mangement,i am very ashmed of being ur customer, ur poor mangement and irresponsible behaviour towards ur customer . i hav been complaining again and again about my adaptor since last 20 days and i havnt received any response . ur senoir executive just kep on saing the same thingd sir sorry we ll get it done within 24 hrs , i dont know whether more than 20 days means 24 hrs for ur company . each time i reminded i was given a new complaint no. i would like to say please close ur toll free nd stop lieing to ur customer about ur management. till today i dint get any response. its a real shame for ur poor management. ,my rental is on and i am paying ur monthly subscription without wathing it. it shows ur team work how to fool a customer. as far as my opinion about ur management i would never ever recomned any person to be ur customer.


I am a subscriber of TATASKY under my Ref No 1052083621 in the name of Vinit Kumar Goel at Mohali.

I have taken Active Kids pack and redeemed my Zeetos Point for Remote Helicopter on 07.01.2011. But till date I have not received my Gift,which was to be delivered to me within 45 days.

After a Long Follow up with TATA SKY officials I am able to find the dispatch details, and found that the Gift was sent thru AFL Couriers on 01.02.2011, the same is not delivered to me till date.


I am an aggrieved customer of Tata Sky where inspite of promises of replacing the box in 2 days (which had some technical mistake), no one is replacing the box since 20 days. Even talking to all the customer care, is only hoax promises and on and on. I have around 6 connections at home and it is sure ground for me to jump to other providers. I HATE TATA SKY and their customer care (which seems outsourced). They should stop operating this business. A bunch of liars sitting there. I know that one can get a new box when someone orders it now, but as per them they don’t have any replacement box in the entire city for weeks now.




paid for and installed an HD APPLICATION 3 WEEKS BACK-still 2 get HD as the servers 4 of them have yet 2 set it right as they have left us with HD connection on TV-1 instead of HD1-terribly disappointed-nodel complaint and call centre giving poor response-do somethindg fr an armed forces veteran in his 84 th year age and 25 yrs of stay at pune=harry kapoor


I recently met the CEO Customer Service Tata Sky Bangalore lady. and she came across as a very self obsessed woman. So much so she utterly lacked the listening skills. No wonder these CEO’s designation in Customer Service is been given to Zero Service oriented people.


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