Even Hindustan Times thinks Nano booking price too high

Lat night I had discussed in detail why we should not book Nano. After sleeping over the issue at night, I think we, the customers, should unite and revolt by not booking Nano. We should let companies know that they cannot take us for a ride.

Even Hindustan Times agrees with me when it states “It costs more to book a Nano than even premium cars.” There is no need for all the fees and such a big amount of booking a car in today’s environment. In fact, all this should have been free and Tatas should have recovered the cost out of the interest that they would save from using the booking amount.

HT article also states that Tatas are not bound to pay interest on the booking amount. Now I don’t know what is the correct as Financial Chronicle reported that Tatas would pay 8.5% after the announcement of the allotment. It also seems that Tata dealers are also not aware of the terms of the booking.

However, what I am surprised about is that Hindustan Times has not commented on the total booking scheme. For instance, they have not commented on the various fees being charged for booking. What makes me laugh is Rs. 300 for a booking form. They should have at least given the customer the option to download the form and/or to fill the form on the net.

I am not sure why there is a rush. Tatas are as it is taking a premium by taking a hige amount as deposit and through various fees and you are still not sure that you will get the car. So wait. In case the car is good and you still want to buy it, just pay the premium, if any, and get the car. This would be a sure bet as compared to booking the car and investing Rs. 95,000.

Guys, just remember that Tatas are just cashing in on the hype. I think you and me are smarter than to get sucked in by this crazy booking scheme or should I say scam.

I again repeat “Lets revolt and not book the Nano Car.”

Avinash Narula

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It seems u have some personal vendetta against the Tatas.These guys have gone thru hell to make available this marvel of a car for the rest of us.it is no wonder he has been selected as one of the 10 best business brains of the world.He has exemplified what the International management guru C K Prahalad preached–lifesstyle and riches for the lower pyramid…..making available a 5-star hotel room at Rs 700/-….All the indians have the privilege to wait for the car……..We must return him the favour for thinking of the average indian.


Nikhil Reply:

I think that the nano isn’t a good buy.The reason is that it’s just a 4 seater car and has an engine capacity of something 652cc only.The people are only looking at the price and not the safety.


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