Customer Frustration Industry

When you don’t listen to your customers, someone else will. When you don’t resolve customer complaints, you will be responsible for the start of a new industry known as the customer frustration industry whose sole purpose is to get justice and value for money for the dissatisfied customers.

Angry and dissatisfied customers are creating a new industry along with a group of service providers. These two are gradually taking the wind out of the sails of some insensitive businesses. The new industry is called “Customer Frustration Industry” and a group of service providers that are exploiting the potential of this industry are known as “Customer Complaint Mercenaries.” These customer complaint mercenaries are taking advantage of the opportunities offered by this fast growing market because of the apathy of the business world towards their customers. The customer complaint mercenaries are willing to assist angry and frustrated customers in fighting their battles with the business world.

Customers want more

The advent of internet has been a shot in the arm for the customers in their quest for justice. In the first stage, websites for lodging complaints like came up which provided a forum for unhappy customers to vent their anger and share their tales of woe with others. But these sites weren’t of much help to customers in getting their problems fixed. Most disgruntled customers don’t know where or how to complain. They do not even know what type of information to include in their complaint or how to escalate the complaint to a higher level when they do not get a satisfactory response. Such complaints usually end up at the wrong desk or are just ignored. As a result, a dissatisfied customer usually ends up losing interest in pursuing his complaint and just does not make any further effort.

The websites meant for registering complaints did serve a purpose. But agitated customers wanted more. The next step in the evolution of this industry was to add services which would actually get the complaint resolved. In order to take advantage of this opportunity, some of these customer complaint sites added new services to assist the customer in getting his complaint resolved. But what is interesting to note is the birth of “customer complaint mercenaries” who established websites with a business model based on resolving customer problems. These “customer complaint mercenaries” offer a variety of services like drafting the complaint letter, figuring out the right person to dispatch the complaint to, forwarding the complaint, and following-up for a satisfactory response. Also, with the e-commerce business growing exponentially, everybody is realizing that there has to be a way to resolve disputes quickly.

Stay tuned to know more about this new industry.

Avinash Narula

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Great insight. Definitely shows that anything can be profitable if you have enough resources and creativity.


Hi there, I think its a rather strange phenomena that disgruntled consumers are starting a “market” of their own. Yet as someone who has worked in customer service, some people just want to much and their demands are outrageous. How will these mercenaries deal with the influx of customers that can potentially get even more spoiled than they are already?


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