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I am happy to inform you that I have expanded my creative designing and resource website to include the following:

(1) A stock library of creative designs with the following benefits:

(a) Assist businesses and creative professionals to design their advertising material quickly. If they like a design, they can buy the same.
(b) Assist creative professionals to get over their “creative block.” Today, creative people do search the web for ideas as well as consult what are known as the “black books” to get their creative juices flowing. Our library will serve as a online “black book.”

(2) A stock library of Indian images with the following benefits:

(a) Today, there is tremendous requirement for Indian images. As such, we are asking models, photographers (hobby, amateur and professionals) as well as any other person who has images which they own to upload on our website and turn them into revenue generating assets. Additional benefits include queries for modeling and photography assignments for models and photographs respectively.
(b) The buyers and sellers will negotiate the terms between themselves. This way the owner of the images get to keep 100% of the revenue without sharing it with middlemen. Also, the buyer of the image or rights to use it will buy the image from the owner without paying any middlemen charges. This is because we will not charge ant commission.
(c) We will upload 20 images free. Any additional images will be uploaded on our website at a nominal fee of Rs. 5/- per image per year.
(d) Model and photographers will be able to continue earning money from their photography assets throughout their lifetime, that is, a pension or a retirement plan with no costs.

So if you guys have images of your own or know somebody who is a model, kindly pass on this information to them so that we can provide them with a recurring source of income.

There is an interesting background to why I have started this service and there may be some lessons and ideas which may assist you in what I call “Digging gold in your own backyard.”

Avinash Narula

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where can I get stock images in subscription. few I found but those are not affordable.


Avinash Narula Reply:



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