Chetan Bhagat just wants more money

It seems that I can’t get rid of Chetan Bhagat’s face. Every morning I open the newspaper, his face pops up with some comment or the other. Now I know why Chetan is doing what he is doing. He had agreed to a stupid deal. Just Rs. 11 lakhs for a movie deal. I am sure that if he accepted such a measily amount for the movie deal, he would not have worried about where they placed his name. He has now realized his stupid mistake. After all how can you blame him. 3 idiots has grossed over Rs. 100 crores. You can’t blame him for being greedy.

I dare Chetan Bhagat to make his contract with the producers of 3 Idiots public and let the public decide who is right or wrong. That is, if this is what he wants. But I think Chetan wants more money which even a favourable public verdict will not get him. So why is he bringing the fight to the public domain. Simply because, most probably, he doesn’t have a legal leg to stand.

It was reported in HT City that he has proposed a compromise deal. I am sure he has asked for more money. As mentioned in my earlier post on the matter, if Chetan feels that he has been wronged, he should go to Court and stop making us see his face everyday in the morning. Or he should provide us written proof that he has been wronged in the form his contract. If he cannot then he should stop the soap opera that he is directing.

Avinash Narula

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