Tharoor-Lalit-Sunanda-IPL Drama

I am totally amazed at the attitude of Congess party. It has stated that the “Shashi-Sunanda-IPL” fiasco is a personal matter of the minister and that it has nothing to do with the Congress party. With an attitude like this how can corruption be ever eliminated in this country?

I told you so. We have been made Idiots by 3 Idiots.

In my first post on the subject, I had stated with reasons that we are being taken for a ride by Chetan Bhagat and maybe by the 3 Idiots team. Just yesterday I had written at about 6 in the morning that I hope I do not see Chetan’s face early in the morning but he again turned up like a bad penny on the front page of HT City. Chetan Bhagat has apologised to the producers of 3 Idiots, shown love and respect for Aamir Khan, made Idiots out of the general public and made the media dance to its tune like Idiots.

This is how Vijay Mallaya wants to serve the country

I was watching Vijay Mallya being interviewed by Vir Sanghvi on his show, the Tycoon. Vir Sanghvi asked Vijay Mallya as to why did he join politics. Pat came the reply, “I want to serve my country.”

Satyam fiasco – Lesson 2

We need to start thinking? God while giving us brains was probably saying “Thou shall think and analyze to see what actually is.” I think practically all of us have been guilty of accepting success at its face value.

Is Praful Patel working for Jet and Kingfisher?

Actions of our aviation minister suggests that he is working for Jet and Kingfisher. Lets look at the evidence.

Malvinder of Ranbaxy shifts the poverty line

After reading the headline in Economic Times today, I had a hearty laugh. Thanks to Malvinder and Shivinder Singh of Ranbaxy, I went through laughter therapy. I think it will do a lot of good to my blood pressure level.