What should have been the story of Modi Government on currency demonetization?

As mentioned in my earlier posts, Modi government has not got its story right because a logical and a believable story needs to be built on truth and facts. If I was asked to build the story for demonetization of currency by Modi Government, it would have been something like this. Modi government has a logical story to tell.

PR disaster for PM Modi

PM Modi’s public relations machinery has made fatal mistakes.

Bajaj Auto’s branding strategy. What does management theory say?

Yesterday, in my post I had suggested that analyzing the new branding strategy adopted by Rajiv Bajaj of Bajaj Auto would be a great learning experience. I had suggested that we will analyze it from two perspectives. First, I will discuss it from the point of view of what management theory says.

Why do reputed companies behave in an unethical manner?

The Bangalore city corporation has issued a public notice warning against investing in DLF’s proposed complex named Westend Heights in Bangalore because DLF has not obtained approvals like environmental clearance, power, water and sanitation approvals for the project. DLF has, however invited bookings for the project and has released advertisements for the same.

I have realized that I can never become as smart as Vijay Mallya

Hats off to Vijay Mallya! Today, I have finally realized why Vijay Mallya is rich and I am not? Why he is so well known and I am not? Why he is so generous and I am not? Why he is such a loyal Indian and Desh Bakht and I am not? Let me explain?

Tax cuts – not enough

I had suggested earlier that the government needs to take the following steps to stimulate the economy:

Should TOI declare its interest in a news item?

Times of India (TOI) has reported about a customer complaint against MicroTek inverters on 19/2/2009 on Page 7. Its headline read “Inverter company tp apy Rs. 2.5L for fire in house.” The article was longer than the usual that Times of India devotes to customer complaint and it even had a cartoon.

Its time we thought about the country and not politics

The interim budget presented yesterday was a total washout. This is again another example of what the priorities of politicians are. They think of politics first and everything else comes later.

The telecom scam solution

I am happy to see that a lot of people are raising their voice against the telecom scam. BJP has demanded a CBI inquiry. A PIL has also been filed by Arvind Gupta in the Delhi High Court which has asked the government to respond to the PIL in three weeks. AITUC general secretary has written to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for the removal of the telecom misnister Raja, DoT secretary and TRAI chairman. According to him, the licences should be cancelled as they have been issued on trial basis (I was not aware of this) and reauction the 2G spectrum. He further adds that the government can change the policy under special circumstances (corrupt practices) and even the courts have ruled positively in this respect. In the case of Unitech, the government can also reject the proposed sale because of security reasons.

Telecom scandal-Why are the industry associations keeping quite?

I have been surprised to note that till now none of the industry associations like FICCI, CII, ASSOCHAM and others have not commented on the telecom scandal. Even COAI, the telecom industry association has kept quite.