Satyam Computers

Finally Satyam will have Tech Mahindra as its new owner

Hats off to the government for doing the right thing right the first time in the case of the Satyam scam. The government moved fast and took advanatge of the existing laws to save jobs and the company. Finally, today Satyam will get its new owner – Tech Mahindra. Today, I can say that I am proud of my government ( a rare occassion). They deserve a pat on the back for taking prompt decision. This is the first time the politicians have thought about the citizens of this country.

Satyam fiasco – Lesson 2

We need to start thinking? God while giving us brains was probably saying “Thou shall think and analyze to see what actually is.” I think practically all of us have been guilty of accepting success at its face value.

Satyam fiasco – Lesson 1

Yesterday was a very sad day for the corporate world in India as well as the culture of India. Ramalinga Raju confessed to cooking up Satyam’s books for years. How much money / wealth does a person need? Where was the need for Raju to do what he did? If the company did not grow to the market’s expectation, so what? Its not the end of the world. This unfortunate incident has raised many questions, some obvious and some not so obvious. I have been writing about some of the issues involved here. In next few days, I will discuss some of these issues here, so stay tuned.