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Lets write the orbituary of Subhiksha

Subhiksha, the food chain is dead. Another idea, though not a unique one, laid to rest or should be laid to rest on the temptation of fast growth, high valuation model. The model of greed which so many of the Indian businesses pursued. Some were able to survive while most landed themselves in trouble.

Now Biyani wants to buy an advertising agency

Yesterday, I had mentioned in my blog that journalists need to ask a few tough questions from Kishore Biyani who seems to keep announcing either launch of different retail formats or joint ventures or acquisition. Today, Economic Times reported that Kishore Biyani’s is buying 60% stake in Dhar & Hoon, the advertising agency. By the way, I am just wondering what area of the economy Kishore Biyani doesn’t want to be?

Were ICICI’s executives on Subhiksha’s board sleeping?

I recently read that Renuka Ramanathan and Rajeev Bakshi, both senior executives of ICICI ventures, were on Sibhiksha’s board. Also, according to CEO of Subhiksha, ICICI was in complete control of the Board with the CEO incharge of day-t0-day activities. Now it seems that both these ICICI executives have resigned fearing lawsuits.