Public Interest

Should corporates get banking licences?

Since the time I have heard that the government is planning to give new banking licences and that a number of corporates like Reliance, Religare and others are waiting in line to get one, sleeping at night has become a little difficult. I believe that none of the corporates should be given licences. No discussion. Why? Let me give you my reasons.

Why is DoT restricting competition?

Yesterday’s Economic Times reported that Department of Telecom (DoT) has decided not to grant anymore new telecom licenses against the 343 pending applications that it has received. Reason given is absolutely unreasonable and bordering on stupidity. DoT has stated that they want to prevent unhealthy competition in an already crowded market. Lets look at whats wrong with this thinking.

Nano booking terms unethical-Lets not book Nano

As mentioned earlier in one of my blogs, people should not get carried away by booking the Nano car. As mentioned earlier, the terms of booking the Nano cars are unethical for the following reasons:

Political circus spells doom for our country

The political circus going on these days scares me. It is getting worse than the TV serials where one sometimes doesn’t know who is married to whom and who is related to whom. Today, political parties are breaking relationships with each based on a dispute as to who will fight one particular seat. I wish they had disagreements on how to fix the various problems of the country as that would assure me that at least someone is thinking of resolving our problems.

No more jackpots for telecom players

A number of people including I were outraged when telecom players like Unitech were given spectrum for peanuts which they sold to make billions. All of us wanted that the profits made by Unitech belonged to us, the public and that the money should be returned to the government. The other demand we had that was that the telecom minister Mr. Raja should have resigned and that the matter should be investigated to find out how Mr. Raja ended up doing such a stupid thing.

Its all about the jobs, stupid

Even though I am repeating what I have said before, I think it needs repeating because nobody is listening. In a recession or when the economy is bad, the government can take only some actions as the economy is not run by the government but rather by the people. The actions that the government can take are as follows:

I have realized that I can never become as smart as Vijay Mallya

Hats off to Vijay Mallya! Today, I have finally realized why Vijay Mallya is rich and I am not? Why he is so well known and I am not? Why he is so generous and I am not? Why he is such a loyal Indian and Desh Bakht and I am not? Let me explain?

Tax cuts – not enough

I had suggested earlier that the government needs to take the following steps to stimulate the economy:

Call drops are not acceptable

In my book titled Customer Icebergs, I have discussed the subject of call drops and have stated that mobile companies actually benefit with call drops which is what Hindustan Times reported today. Mobile companies have no incentive to reduce call drops because of the following reasons:

Never believe what politicians say

I remember sometime back Finance Minister Chidabaram said that Indian economy is strong and not to worry too much about the financial crisis. He has led a lot of people to believe that India will not be affected badly.