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New issue of Management Talk

Guys I am happy to inform you that the 2nd issue of my management magazine Management Talk titled “Theory of PipelIne-Achieving Consistent Higher Sales” has been released today. It contains the following articles:

Enhance your understanding of management concepts

I have some good news to tell you guys.

I told you so. We have been made Idiots by 3 Idiots.

In my first post on the subject, I had stated with reasons that we are being taken for a ride by Chetan Bhagat and maybe by the 3 Idiots team. Just yesterday I had written at about 6 in the morning that I hope I do not see Chetan’s face early in the morning but he again turned up like a bad penny on the front page of HT City. Chetan Bhagat has apologised to the producers of 3 Idiots, shown love and respect for Aamir Khan, made Idiots out of the general public and made the media dance to its tune like Idiots.

Is Times of India walking its talk?

Today, I was surprised to see how unethical Times of India (TOI) is. On one hand, it talks about removing corupt politicians and on the other it forces its advertising agencies to pay 24% interest.

Its a shame that company executives do not listen to customer’s free advice

In my book titled Customer Icebergs, I had suggested that customers are the greatest source of free innovation ideas which a company can use to establish its competitive advantage and I have given numerous examples of companies which have benefited from customer’s suggestions.

Journalists need to ask tough questions

I have repeatedlt stated on my blog that the journalists do not ask tough questions from whoever they are interviewing. It should not matter whether the business tycoon is a big shot or not. In addition, they should also analyze the situation and raise all the relevant issues. This is the only way we can keep everybody in the process honest. For instance, I have stated why no journalist except one asked Satyam bosses the question as to why they were keeping so much of money in the bank. Also, why doesn’t anybody ask Kishore Biyani as to how many formats he has announced so far and how many of those he has implemented? How about asking Kishore Biyani the source of funding for his various formats? What about asking Ratan Tata the reason behind taking such a heavy booking amount as well as the need to sell the forms for exhorbitant Rs. 300 and the levy of processing charges? I thought we were talking of people’s car whereas the the process seems like we are buying an Rolls Royce.

Should TOI declare its interest in a news item?

Times of India (TOI) has reported about a customer complaint against MicroTek inverters on 19/2/2009 on Page 7. Its headline read “Inverter company tp apy Rs. 2.5L for fire in house.” The article was longer than the usual that Times of India devotes to customer complaint and it even had a cartoon.