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Will currency demonetisation assist catching any black money hoarders or corrupt people?

While watching TV in the evening today, It suddenly stuck me that the currency demonetisation will not assist Modi government in catching any significant number of individuals, bureaucrats, tax evaders, cops or politicians unless they make the blunder of depositing unaccounted money in the bank. Only stupid people will get caught.

Who will protect our online deposits with PayTM?

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What should have been the story of Modi Government on currency demonetization?

As mentioned in my earlier posts, Modi government has not got its story right because a logical and a believable story needs to be built on truth and facts. If I was asked to build the story for demonetization of currency by Modi Government, it would have been something like this. Modi government has a logical story to tell.

Politicians invariably forget the importance of implementation. Modi is no exception.

The difference between a good idea and bad idea is implementation. You may have the best idea but it will come to nothing if not implemented properly. Politicians usually do not pay too much attention to implementation. This is because they are more interested in short-term results. Also, they are usually not held accountable for any loss that poor implementation causes so why bother with the long-term results of the idea. Third, they have the luxury of moving from one idea to another quickly are able to divert the attention of the people from the last failed idea that they had come up with.

PR disaster for PM Modi

PM Modi’s public relations machinery has made fatal mistakes.