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IIM graduate as CEO for Rs. 600,000 year

Today in the morning, I had commented on the drop in the salaries that are being offered to IIM graduates as compared to the previous years. While writing the above post, I was not aware that ManishBhai Patel who owns Rs. 3 crore Varun Radiators in Kajol, Gujrat hired a 26 year old IIM (A) graduate as CEO for Rs. 600,000.

Are IIM MBA’s too expensive?

I think so. I think this is also true of Harvard MBAs. I always used to wander about the intelligence of people representing companies which offered Rs. 1 crore or more per annum to IIM MBAs. I do not think anyone is worth that kind of money unless and until the person can show proof of what he has achieved in the real world.

Instant team building –

We seem to be in the “instant” mode. We want everything done instantly. To quest our appetite for “intant you-name-it,” there are organizations which come up with scams (for lack of a better word).