Hewlett Packard

Buy HP laptops at your own risk because tomorrow will never come

I have always maintained that companies do not treat their customer as “king.” They keep saying it but they do not walk their talk. I had problems with HP Laptop and it took quite an effort for me to get justice. I have talked about this in brief in the “Tips” section of my website www.customermath.com or for complete details you can read my book “Customer Icebergs.” I had used an innovative ploy, that is, I had made a request to HP (Hewlett Packard) that I would like to return the laptop to the HP CEO along with my family and that we will not say a word. We will just leave the “lemon” laptop with him so that he can realize what kind of product he was selling. Ultimately, my problem was resolved but they tried every trick in the trade to avoid settling my problem. But I am a persistent guy.