General Management

Sully proves that “professionalism” pays

I think, by now, the whole world has heard of Chesley B “Sully” Sullenberger III, the pilot of the plane that landed on the Hudson river. Difficult to describe his actions in words. So I will just say – GREAT JOB!

Learning management through posters

Posters are a very effective learning and reminder tool. As such, I have decided to develop a website where you will be able to find management posters on practically all topics of management. I am slowly and steadily building it up. Have a look and if you have any suggestions do let me know.

Satyam fiasco – Lesson 1

Yesterday was a very sad day for the corporate world in India as well as the culture of India. Ramalinga Raju confessed to cooking up Satyam’s books for years. How much money / wealth does a person need? Where was the need for Raju to do what he did? If the company did not grow to the market’s expectation, so what? Its not the end of the world. This unfortunate incident has raised many questions, some obvious and some not so obvious. I have been writing about some of the issues involved here. In next few days, I will discuss some of these issues here, so stay tuned.

Vijay Mallya needs to learn from SpiceJet and Paramount?

Lets consider the actions two small airlines Paramount and SpiceJet to see if there are any moral, ethical and management lessons that Vijay Mallya can learn from them.

Automatic growth

I had ealier posted an article wherein I had discussed the penchant of company executives to be the number one in their market. Maybe they have become convinced of the idea that the only way to make money is become number one in one’s market from Jack Welsh of GE or maybe they have read the book on PIMS database which suggests that high profitability is linked with high market share in the served markets. In another article, I have also made comments of executive’s obsession to grow fast by whatever means so that they can either become number one or become large enough to reap economies of scale.

IPL-Can everyone become a champion?

I have never been able to understand people who put undue pressure on their kids to come first in class. Only one out of the many contestants or participants or students will come first or become a champion. Everybody cannot become a champion

Derivatives-No short cut to making money

I have been reading about the derivative transactions that a number of companies entered into with banks. It is clear both the companies and the banks entered into these risky speculative transactions to make quick bucks. Now when the transactions resulted in huge losses, the companies are blaming the banks and vice versa.

What goes up fast, also comes down fast

My interest in the stock market arose at the time of Reliance Power IPO. That was the first time that I commented on the stock market. At that time, I started reading Udayan Mukherjee’s column in HT. I liked his writing style.

Corporate Social Responsibility – Where should it start?

I have been hearing a lot about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), that is, a company’s responsibility towards the society. In simple terms it means that a company must manage its role in society as a producer, employer, customer and citizen. I think most of the discussion on the subject centers around a corporations involvement in supporting social causes. Every corporation adopts some social causes and thinks that this is the best way of implementing CSR.

Why are we so obsessed with targets?

I think we should do away with targets. Hey, don’t shoot me. Listen to my complete story.